INKtelligence® is the comprehensive service package enjoyed by our customers.

Our customer philosophy is based on the desire to build and maintain reliable, long-term partnerships, which sees us offer our customers exceptionally extensive support through our INKtelligence® service package.

Qualified advice on application technology

Doneck Network offers you intensive technical support from staff members experienced in ink and printing technology. We thoroughly assist you with your application-technology requirements, and also provide professional assistance for your customers when it comes to test prints or initial acceptances. Determining machinery configurations and printing parameters are similarly important tasks to optimise quality.

Assessing requirements and conducting training

We work with you to assess your internal training requirements as part of a review process. We advise you on which of our training modules is best suited to developing staff at your company. We can run the sessions in-house at your premises, or can train selected staff at our offices over several days.

Monitoring ink management with transparent key figures

We work with you to analyse ink-specific business processes, and use these to derive indicators which you can calculate based on operational practices. For example, factors determining ink costs can be regularly evaluated and supported by target values. Optimisation projects, which we will gladly assist you with, will increase your ink set’s profitability.

Colour matching and training

We professionally compose colour shades in our laboratory, and these can be measured and defined using spectrophotometers. Mixture formulae are imported directly into our customers’ ink-mixing systems via Internet connection. We will gladly create personalised shade cards upon request.

Stock monitoring

Using computerised stock monitoring equipment, we can, if agreed, calculate the stock available on site, and promptly issue orders to safeguard your ink supplies.

Returning empties and disposal

If necessary, we can help you return and dispose of your empties. We accept returned reusable containers, and can also assist when it comes to finding disposal options for residual printing ink or empty packaging.