Green products

We think green

As a strong partner and solution provider, we have focused on the new and further development of innovative and practical products for the circular economy. Our success lies in the continuous reduction of the percentage of fossil raw materials. This means we can only offer you product solutions for the circular economy that meet future market requirements and legislation.


Green life ink®

Our concept for the biological cycle. On the one hand, it includes products for compostability. Since 2008, a total of over 200 solvent-based and water-based products from almost all areas of application have been tested in accordance with DIN EN standard 13432 and certified in accordance with OK Compost Industrial and OK Compost Home. The second product range consists of water-based products for paper applications that contain a significant proportion of renewable raw materials, measurable according to ASTM 6866-21.

Green link ink® product series

Clean planet ink

Our concept for the technical cycle. Based on the Cradle to Cradle raw material assessment, almost our entire portfolio of water- and solvent-based printing inks has been assessed and certified according to the material health requirements of the Cradle to Cradle Products program. Our NC-free, solvent-based products for mechanical plastics recycling are another component of Clean planet ink. General deinkability tests were also carried out for our solvent-based and water-based products for film printing, which delivered positive results for both solvent-based and solvent-free deinking processes. For the deinkability-relevant segment of envelope printing, we offer products that have been tested and evaluated in accordance with Ingede 11.

Clean planet ink product series