Solvent-based flexograhpic and gravure printing inks

The Doneck Euroflex printing ink series are tailored to market requirements, and have proven their worth in practical use on numerous occasions. They ensure smooth processing in printing units, and guarantee the colour properties necessary for the end product. If you desire a unique application, we develop special formulae in close co-operation with our customers.

  Euro-Bag PEA Euro-Bag PEC Euro-Film PXA Euro-Fresh PHA Euro-Sheen PQA Euro-Fast PFA Euro-Max PCA Euro-Pak PTA Euro-Sprint PDA Euro-Lam / Bond / Universal / PLA / PVA / PVU Euro-Base PBA* / PBR Euro-2K PKA PMA Euro-Matt PAA Euro-Foil
Carrier bags          
Flower wrap              
Wrapping paper            
Films for auto-packaging lines              
Food packaging            
Bread packaging                  
Deep freeze packaging                
Hygiene packaging                
Shrink-wrap film                
Heavy duty sacks                      
Printing onto paper        
Gravure printed packaging              
Flexible packaging                          
Aluminium foils                          

recommended suitable under specific conditions

* Euro-Base concentrate in combination with corresponding varnishes