Green life ink®

Innovative products from the Green life ink® series, especially for supporting the biological material cycle. Printing inks developed on the one hand to be compostable and on the other with a certain proportion of renewable raw materials.

OK Compost-compliant printing inks

Our compostable ink series are tested in accordance with EN standard 13432 and certified by TÜV Austria with the OK Compost Industrial and OK Compost Home certificates.

We can offer you the following OK Compost-compliant printing inks:

Printing ink series with a portion of renewable raw materials

The formulations of water-based printing inks usually consist of binders and additives based on fossil raw materials. Our teams of experts in research have succeeded in replacing significant portions of the formulation components by raw materials based on renewable raw materials.

The portfolio of Green life ink® includes products for paper and cardboard applications, as well as corrugated cardboard post print, envelopes, paper sacks, paper carrier bags and paper bags for food packaging.

Our Green life ink® ink series and varnishes have already proven themselves in practice with very good printing results. Our customers are very impressed with the print quality, machine stability and processing properties. According to our information, it is possible to switch to our innovative ink series without any problems.

We can offer you the following printing ink series with a portion of renewable raw materials: