Water-based flexograhpic and gravure printing inks

The DONECK EUROFLEX printing ink series are tailored to market requirements, and have proven their worth in practical use on numerous occasions. They ensure smooth processing in printing units, and guarantee the colour properties necessary for the end product. If you desire a unique application, we develop special formulae in close co-operation with our customers.

  Euro-Mail WX Euro-Food WS Euro-Print WP Euro-Board WK Euro-Film WF Euro-Nap WT Euro-Base WE* Euro Food WS Euro Contact WD
Food packaging            
Wrapping paper            
Printing onto paper          
Gravure printing for packaging              
Flower wrap            
Corrugated board            
Film packaging              
Muffins, cupcakes                
Pizza cartons, cake boards, fruit and vegetable boxes                

recommended suitable under specific conditions

* Euro-Base concentrate in combination with corresponding varnishes

Water-based printing inks overview:

Euro-Mail WXA:

Product Range: Envelopes

With high press stability, our envelope inks are suitable for all conventional printer types (reel-feed or sheet-fed printing).

Euro-Food WSO:

Product Range: Food packaging

Our inks designed for use on paper-based food packaging, such as bag and wrapping paper, is non-bleeding as per EN 646 and low-migration.

Euro-Print WPA:

Product Range: Wrapping paper, Printing onto paper, Gravure printing for packaging, Flower wrap, Tyvek

Our printable inks for paper applications are characterised by excellent performance and easy handling in printing units.

Euro-Board WKA:

Product Range: Corrugated board

These inks are designed for direct printing on uncoated, coated and brown corrugated cardboard (post-print).

Euro-Board WKP:

Product Range: Corrugated board

Our pre-print corrugated cardboard printing inks may be used on all coated and uncoated production paper. The special combination of raw materials, coupled with our heat-proof pre-print varnishes, means they can be used in all kinds of corrugators.

Euro-Film WFK/WFF:

Product Range: Film packaging

Our foil-printing inks are distinguished by excellent runnability and food adhesion/resistance on PE/PP.

Euro-Nap WTA/WTE:

Product Range: Tissues

Our printing inks designed for the napkin and tablecloth industry are odourless, and are tested for paA (primary aromatic amines) upon request.

Euro-Base WEA and Euro-Base WEC:

Product Range: Envelopes, Food packaging, Wrapping paper, Printing onto paper, Gravure printing for packaging, Flower wrap, Tyvek, Corrugated board, Tissues, Film packaging

Our concentrates for dispensing systems are highly concentrated, water-based pigment pastes. When mixed with blends and additives, they become printing inks suitable for use on packaging.

Euro-Food WSG

Product Range: Muffins, cupcakes

Our printing ink series for the printing of paper packaging that is subject to heat stresses and comes into contact with food. These inks are characterised by good stability in the printing machine.

Euro-Contact WDL

Product Range: Pizza cartons, cake boards, fruit and vegetable boxes

Our printing ink series for direct food contact in combination with our overprint varnish. The advantages of this ink series are good stability when printing and the ISEGA certification.