Euromix dispensing systems

Euromix: Ink and dispensing system under one roof!

Automatic dispensing systems combined with highly pigmented ink concentrates have become an essential part of modern-day package printing. We are one of the few printing ink manufacturers to offer both ink and dispensing systems under one roof. In addition to the many advantages offered by a dispensing system, our customers exclusively also benefit from Doneck Network-specific solutions.

Discover the advantages of a Euromix system:

Increased flexibility

Direct, prompt mixing of the required colour using basic components

Reduced storage costs

Storage limited to system components

Easier stock checks

Computerised stock entries/withdrawals and monitoring

Needs-based colour production

Colour quantities can be produced economically on a per-order basis

Seamless batch tracing

Identification of batches of order-specific basic components

Easier inclusion and revision of returned inks

For example using a mathematical return ink inclusion module

Service and maintenance

  • Maintenance and repair work is performed quickly and reasonably by our own service team
  • Spare parts available through us at reasonable prices

Data exchange with Colour Metric systems

  • From recipe preparation directly to the Euromix dosing system

The following mixing systems are available to Doneck Network customers:

  • Hand-mixing system based on 25 L canisters
  • Semi-automatic EURODOS mixing system based on 200 L vats
  • Fully automatic EUROMIX dispensing system based on 200 L vats or 1,000 L containers, as well as fixed storage barrels in any size.