25.03.2024 Since 2018, Doneck Euroflex has been contributing financially to climate protection projects!

A valuable milestone is the Doneck strategy 2Bsustainable! We take responsibility for the future! Doneck Euroflex began to calculate its carbon footprint in 2018 and is thereby making a financial climate contribution* equivalent to the generated emissions in cooperation with ClimatePartner. This year, Doneck is financing and supports the wide-ranging expansion of renewable energies in Asia. In Asia, the certified climate protection projects are wind and solar energy, hydropower and biogas projects in various countries.

"We're transforming our company towards an environmentally friendly, socially responsible future which respects future generations!" Arndt Breitbach, CEO Doneck Network. “Sustainability is one of our strategic fields of action that helps us to advance our ambitious and measurable goals. Our sustainability strategy 2Bsustainable! focuses on defined sustainability targets that are achieved with the underlying sustainability programme. We document and publish our successful implementation annually in the Doneck Sustainability Report.

Along with this milestone, Doneck is optimising its entire value chain, from the purchase of raw materials and work in the laboratories to printing ink production and logistics, to ensure the company's best possible environmental compatibility at all times. The most important aspect of this is the implemented recycling system and our green workflow. The sustainability programme includes strategic environmental protection goals that are backed up with measurable key figures.

As a strong partner and solutions provider, Doneck focuses on the creation and development of innovative and practical products for the circular economy. 

More information available at:.

*The contribution does not relate to indirect emissions that arise outside the company, such as in the manufacture of raw materials and preliminary products, external logistics and the use and disposal of products or other processes.

Photo: Climate Partner certificate

31.05.2023 Doneck Euroflex attains the EcoVadis Gold Standard for outstanding sustainability performances.

Following silver in 2022, the international printing ink manufacturer improves its EcoVadis ranking and is awarded a GOLD medal! This award confirms Doneck Euroflex’s commitment to sustainable business practices and social responsibility.

“The EcoVadis gold medal is a milestone in the successful implementation of our 2Bsustainable! sustainability strategy. Sustainability is one of our strategic fields of action with which we advance our ambitious and measurable goals”, says Arndt Breitbach, CEO of Doneck Euroflex.

“We are proud that the effectiveness and progress of our company-wide sustainability programme has been confirmed by an independent external rating”, adds Doneck Euroflex’s Sustainability Officer Raphael Kirn.

EcoVadis is the world's largest provider of sustainability evaluations for companies. Seven management indicators are measured in 21 sustainability features from the areas of environment, ethics, labour law/human rights and sustainable procurement. The methodology is based on international CSR standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 2600.

The EcoVadis Gold Standard makes the performances of Doneck Euroflex in the area of sustainability transparent for all stakeholders. Many international companies use the rating for the regular checking of their suppliers with a view to sustainable corporate management.

As an internationally operative company, Doneck Euroflex bears a great responsibility towards customers, employees, partners, suppliers, neighbourhoods and the environment. Doneck Euroflex has set itself the goal of being a strong partner and provider of solutions that integrates sustainability into its core processes, decision-making and products. The successful implementation of this ambition has now been documented by the award of the EcoVadis Gold Medal.

Photo: EcoVadis Certification

08.11.2022 Almost the complete Doneck Network product range meets the Cradle to Cradle criteria!

As part of its sustainability strategy, We think green, Doneck Network focuses on the circular economy. For this reason, the international printing ink manufacturer has had its entire raw material assortment subjected to the material health check of the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program.

Almost the complete Doneck Network ink range is based on raw materials that correspond at least to the C2C bronze level. There are also numerous raw materials that allow the Doneck Network to achieve silver or gold status through appropriate formulations.

For example, the Doneck Network has a special tissue ink series with certified C2C silver status. Furthermore, there are already numerous varnishes based on a selection of raw materials that meet the gold status criteria. If required these can be brought to certification in cooperation with our customers.

Cradle to Cradle is based on a scientific assessment of the sustainability of products. Our aim is to enable the entire packaging supply chain to make ambitious and measurable progress in the advancement of sustainable technology.

As an independent assessor and innovation partner, the renowned Epea institute has subjected the Doneck Network's raw materials to a material health assessment of the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program. By material health, the C2C principle means environmentally safe, healthy and reusable materials (technical recycling). The safety of materials for man and the environment is thus guaranteed for the product.

"This detailed assessment was an important milestone for us to permanently increase the sustainability level with new and innovative products", says Dr. Michael Heinenberg, Head of Technical Safety Service in the Doneck Network, commenting on this success.

Photo: Doneck Network

09.08.2022 We care: Lasting help for the food situation of families in Chad

This July, Doneck made a concerted decision to sign a new, individual cooperation agreement with CARE Luxembourg to continue its international and social commitment in a consistent manner and to help the people in Africa.

Chad is one of the world's most underdeveloped countries (187th of 189 countries). Apart from climate and environmental pressures such as drought, sandstorms and floods, there are also shortages and increases in the price of food due to the global political situation.

Frédéric Haupert, Director of CARE Luxembourg, gave Rita Knippel and Arndt Breitbach an impressive account of the situation in Chad and described the current problems of the people. That is where this project to improve the family's nutrition came from. In the Wadi Fira region, CARE has already successfully worked with acutely malnourished children last year and significantly improved their situation.

"We can look back on a long partnership with Doneck. In the first project in 2016, two maternity hospitals in Niger were connected to drinking water pipes. It was a great moment for the people when they needed no longer to fetch water from the well, but it came out of the tap. Especially when a child is born, access to clean water can protect mothers and new-born babies from infections and other life-threatening diseases. This success developed into personal and regular discussions between our organisation and Doneck. I am looking forward to the new cooperation." Frédéric Haupert, Director, CARE Luxembourg.

The strategy: to adapt agriculture in the Wadi Fira region to the current and future climatic conditions. In Chad, 60% of the African population work in agriculture. Specifically, this means that CARE will hold training courses with local employees in which 300 women and men will learn how to cultivate their fields successfully. They adapt to the new conditions with reduced water consumption and without the use of pesticides. They learn how to ensure the shelf life of the harvested food. That helps to preserve the products and market them better. Higher-quality appliances and machines for facilitating agricultural work round off the aid package.

"With this project we are not only helping the 300 women and men, but also directly their families, so that the children are permanently protected against malnutrition. The learning effects for securing nutrition also extend far beyond the families and thus improve the situation of the people in the region's villages and communities. We want to show solidarity with these people, especially now in these difficult times", said Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of Doneck Network, commenting on this step.

The Doneck employees are integrated and informed in the communication and beyond. This cooperation is funded by CARE Luxembourg, Doneck and the Luxembourgian Foreign Ministry.

Photo: CARE Luxembourg

22.06.2022 Silver status for the Doneck Network in the EcoVadis sustainability ranking!

The Doneck Network has already been working intensively for years on its ambitious sustainability concept according to the mottos “We think Green” and “We care”!

We are proud to have achieved silver status on the sustainability platform EcoVadis from the word go. This spurs us on in our mission to advance further sustainability blocks.

It underlines once again our ambition as one of the leading printing ink manufacturers to set new standards!

EcoVadis is the world's largest provider of sustainability evaluations for companies. Seven management indicators are measured in 21 sustainability features from the areas of environment, ethics, labour law/human rights and sustainable procurement. Doneck is thus among the best 25% of the manufacturers of printing inks, paints and lacquers evaluated by EcoVadis.

As further proof of the successful sustainability strategy of the Doneck Network, the product innovations “Green life ink” (e.g. compostable ink series) and “Blue planet ink” (e.g. Cradle to Cradle® certified printing ink series) have proven themselves in practice at our customers with very good printing results and trouble-free implementation.

Photo: EcoVadis Certificate, Doneck Network

18.02.2022 Doneck Network “We think green” Doneck Homepage Relaunch

The newly designed website underlines Doneck Network's focus on the sustainability strategy. Doneck continues to concentrate throughout the company on products and work processes for a green future. How "We think green" is practised in the Doneck Network can be seen in the innovative product developments from the in-house research and development for the circular economy and achievements in the green workflow to date.

"We are proud of our extensive range of innovations, with which we are contributing to a better future. Presenting them visually and in an accentuated manner on our web site should make it easy for our customers to find the right ink series for future challenges. We are continuing to work together on future-oriented ideas in order to find good solutions for man and nature," says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director Doneck Network

Doneck customers can select ink series for the biological circulation under the trendsetting brand name "Green life ink". Firstly, there are ink series that are compostable in accordance with EN Standard 13432 and certified as OK Compost Industrial and OK Compost Home, as well as ink series with a certain proportion of renewable resources.

Ink series for the technical cycle for the optimisation of recycling processes are grouped under the brand name "Blue planet ink". We can offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio of Cradle to Cradle Certified® printing ink series (water-based and solvent-based inks) for the most diverse applications.

The innovative printing ink series have already proven themselves in practice with very good printing results. According to our information, it is possible to switch to our innovative ink series without any problems. Out international team of experts will be glad to advise you.


06.10.2021 Doneck Network – Further price adjustment from 15/10/2021

Over the last two quarters, the massive increases in the costs of raw materials, transport and packaging have continued unabated and an end is currently not in sight.

There are still considerable shortages in the entire raw materials sector and we are doing everything in our power to secure our ability to deliver. So far, we have managed to do so to a large degree, but only by incurring considerable extra costs.

Apart from the raw material prices, which have rocketed due to numerous shortages in the supply chains of chemical raw materials and specific preliminary products, we are now having to pay several times the usual rates for sea transport.

The cost increases apply to virtually all organic pigments. The inorganic pigments are very badly affected, as are resins, binders, solvents and additives. Some suppliers have reported "Force Majeure" or "Sales Control" in the current quarter or have increased the delivery times for raw materials up to several months.

Transport and packaging costs have also increased by a two-digit percentage.

Despite intensive efforts to keep the cost increases as low as possible, the Doneck Network is also subject to this considerable inflation pressure. A further price adjustment, effective from 15/10/2021, is therefore absolutely necessary.

Photo: Fleet of Doneck trucks (Doneck Network)

20.08.2021 "Climate-neutral printing inks process"

The entire manufacturing process at the Doneck headquarters in Luxembourg has been climate-neutral since 2018. This is confirmed by the certified carbon footprint.

The climate-neutral compensation is currently achieved through the promotion of clean wind power in Ovalle, Chile. In the preceding years it was two other projects: a forest protection project in Brazil and an emission reduction programme in Peru. The climate protection specialist ClimatePartner certifies this for Doneck in its certificate.

In addition, Doneck actively practises extensive environmental protection: e.g. through the avoidance and reduction of waste (e.g. plastic), reusable instead of disposable packaging, electromobility, electricity from hydroelectric power (since 2011) and green gas (since 2018), and some other things. Doneck continuously optimises its sustainability strategy with the guiding principle "We think green".

Photo: Certificate and wind power in Chile (source: ClimatePartner)

Link Climate Partner:


22.07.2021 Doneck Network & Caps Cases forge new paths to sustainability with "Green life ink"!

Caps Cases uses water-based printing inks from the Doneck Network with renewable raw material

The ink series, which is formulated with renewable raw materials and tailored to post-print, is used by Caps Cases, one of the largest independent manufacturers of corrugated cardboard packaging in Great Britain. Apart from the excellent printing results, this product innovation is characterised by outstanding running properties in the printing unit, machine stability and easy cleaning behaviour.

The project, which was managed by Stephen Walsh (Doneck UK) and Wayne Booker (Caps Cases), was accompanied intensively by Doneck UK's application technology laboratory as well as the Research & Development laboratory at Doneck Euroflex S.A.'s headquarters in Luxembourg.

"The conversion to the new Doneck inks was outstanding and the team performed very professionally! The ongoing service and support from the British ink laboratory is fantastic." Wayne Booker, Print Manager Caps Cases.

The advantages of the Doneck’s customers are quite obvious: the use of the innovative ink system reduces the respective carbon footprint for the works' own environmental balance. And the company protects both the climate and the environment.

Commenting on this step, Edgar Becker, Managing Director Sales, said: "This allows us to offer our customers a sustainable, water-based, extensively field-tested ink system with excellent colour performance for paper printing. Our customers are thus able to manufacture products for the circular economy."

Doneck has sustainable inks, blends and varnishes for the following paper applications: post-print corrugated cardboard (WKH), paper sacks and paper packaging (WPN), pastry bags (WSN), envelopes (WXN) and gloss varnishes (WUR). The product series are available now.

Photo: Jim Henshaw, Caps Cases and Wayne Booker, Print Manager Caps Cases (Doneck UK)

21.06.2021 Euro-Lac: Antimicrobial overprint varnish from the Doneck Network with ISEGA declaration of no objection!

Doneck Network's specially formulated water-based Euro-Lac WUM900056 high-gloss overprint varnish has an antimicrobial effect when applied to the appropriate surface and can even be used to print on papersand cardboard for the food industry. According to expert opinion, when applied correctly, it is suitable for direct contact with wet, dry and greasy foodstuffs.

Euro-Lac has been developed with the following properties: The primary requirement was the antimicrobial effect. The varnish also shows excellent printability on the press and improves abrasion resistance.

The varnish is equally suitable for two roll systems and for doctor blade presses. For optimum effect, use an anilox roller with a dip volume of at least 15 cm3. This applies for painted print substrates. A second coat of varnish is needed for unpainted materials.

“The varnish develops its antibacterial effect independently of light radiation, since it is not based on a photocatalytic reaction. This product’s simultaneous suitability for food packaging papers underlines Doneck Network’s special focus on innovation and customer orientation,” says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director Doneck Network.

Photo: Doneck Network

14.06.2021 Doneck Network: Ceflex membership!

A further building block and an important contribution to the Doneck sustainability strategy is the focus on the "Circular Economy". In April, the Doneck Network joined the consortium of the "Ceflex" shareholders. The international printing inks manufacturer is thus playing an active part in the development and establishment of the new circular economy for flexible packaging. Ceflex's aims: To make all flexible packaging in Europe circular by 2025.  

Solutions for flexible packaging such as recycling and compostability will be a must in future. This trend is being accelerated worldwide among others by the G7, the World Economy Forum, etc., and by NGOs and legislation.

In the Doneck Network, customers have an experienced partner at their side when it comes to technically mature and high-quality products in the form of compostable water-based and solvent-based printing inks as well as blends for different food packaging applications. The compostable printing inks have been in practical use since 2008! The compostable printing inks are certified according to EN 13432 as well as the "OK Compost Industrial" and "OK Compost Home" and can thus be composted in both industrial and domestic compost systems. 
The green product range is rounded off by newly developed water-based printing inks with a high proportion of renewable resources for different paper and carton applications. The manufacturing process at Doneck Euroflex in Luxembourg has been climate-neutral since 2018. Doneck procures electricity from hydroelectric power (since 2011) and natural eco-gas (since 2018). In addition, there are numerous internal projects in keeping with the motto "We think green", such as reusable containers instead of disposable ones, environmentally friendly vehicle fleets and the avoidance of waste, to name but a few. The Doneck Network is thus a strong partner when it comes to coping with and solving the problems of the future trends in the print shop.

"Plastic packaging must reinvent itself! We will be cooperating intensively with Ceflex to ensure that a sustainable circulation of plastics is established on this planet!" Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network​​​​​​​

Photo:  Ceflex/Doneck Network

17.03.2021 Doneck Network announces price increases: shortages in the global supply chain lead to a sharp increase in raw material prices

Since the beginning of 2021, the Doneck Network has been struggling with strong turbulence in the global supply chain as well as the associated cost increases.

There are various reasons for this: 
• massive increase in the cost of pigments and titanium dioxide
• general shortage of petrochemical raw materials
• exploding sea freight costs due to a shortage of containers

The interaction of these factors is having a profound effect on the cost structures of the Doneck Network. Together with our suppliers, our international supply chain team is working flat out to secure the supply of raw materials and to counteract bottlenecks in transport capacities.

In addition, internal Optimization programs are supporting our efforts to keep the raw material costs and prices for our customers as low as possible.

The Doneck Network will check the specific effect on all its products and will shortly be informing its customers about unavoidable and absolutely necessary price adjustments.

Photo: Doneck Network

04.11.2020 Aid for nutrition eating for malnourished children in Chad!

Cooperation between Doneck and CARE Luxembourg provides long-term aid!

In October – despite the Corona crisis – the medium-sized European printing ink manufacturer signed a new cooperation contract with CARE Luxembourg. Aid now goes to one of the least developed countries in the world, Chad. In Chad, 31.9% of children under 5 years are seriously malnourished and therefore also underdeveloped. CARE will improve this situation for the children in the long term with a generous donation from Doneck. 

In the Wadi Fira region in Chad (east) an increase in poor harvests is leading to food supply shortages. The result is widespread malnutrition of children. Malnutrition means that the children have a weak immune system and are susceptible to disease. This puts them at extreme risk in the current situation. Each year, therefore, CARE examines the children in this region to spot malnutrition early and provide treatment. Together with the village council, CARE is using this sponsorship to build 10 nutrition schools in the region in Chad. With the aid of CARE, nutritional behaviour can be changed and improved in the long term.

In 2018 CARE developed and implemented this nutrition project very successfully in Nigeria in an exclusive partnership with Doneck.

"Based on the very successful project in Nigeria in 2018 we have once again chosen this approach to tackle hunger. To aid in one of the poorest regions in the world makes great sense to us. The positive feedback to this nutrition project in Nigeria also convinced us.", Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director Doneck Network

"The aid given in Nigeria in 2018 was the first project that we could implement, thanks to the support of Doneck. We are really proud of the unique results which we have achieved together in the fight against hunger in infants." Frédéric Haupert, Managing director CARE Luxembourg. "What we are particularly happy about is that we have uncovered a deep energy and conviction for this social engagement within our management and our workforce. We feel very proud about what Doneck and CARE are achieving together. We are now putting this successful approach to work in Chad, to fight hunger in infants in the long term."

Editors: Care Luxembourg and Doneck Euroflex

Photo: CARE Luxemburg

14.09.2020 Doneck Network in the Top 20 of the international printing ink industry for the first time!

The Doneck Network appears for the first time in the current rankings of INK World magazine.

After a good three decades of steady growth, the Doneck Network is now one of the largest printing ink manufacturers in the world and is listed for the first time in the TOP 20 of the rankings determined by INK World magazine.

"We are very proud that we are now also being noticed more and more on the global stage!" says Arndt Breitbach, majority owner and Managing Director of Doneck Euroflex S.A.

The success story of the Doneck Network began 43 years ago as a one-man enterprise in the kitchen of a private house.

With a consistent Europeanisation process at the beginning of the new millennium, we were able to gain many new business partners with our customer and service-oriented corporate philosophy.

Due to continuous goal-oriented investment in the further development of the company and constant support of technical progress, the company is nowadays equipped with state-of-the-art production technology and laboratory analytics.

"The most important factor for such success is and remains our employees. Our Doneck family is proving its worth in these difficult COVID-19 times and sticking together. My express thanks go to every single employee for making this development possible at all!" says Arndt Breitbach. "And of course we also thank all of our loyal and new customers, who continually inspire and challenge us! It's fun for all of us to join in and to be able to make our own contribution to increasing sustainability in the packaging industry. We look forward to the future – we've still got quite a lot to do together!"

INK World magazine is the world's largest trade journal reporting on the global printing ink industry. The magazine is published every two months in printed and online editions. The publishing house Rodman Publishing is based in New Jersey in the USA.

You can find the detailed report on the Doneck Network here:

Photo: Logo ink world (Ink World Magazine)

03.09.2020 Doneck Network distributes varnish with antimicrobial and antiviral function

"Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400" water-based dispersion varnish from Epple Druckfarben AG in the product range

In an era dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, products that previously had received little attention can sometimes gain importance. For example, there are currently enquiries about printing, packaging or advertising materials with an antimicrobial and antiviral coating.

One solution for this is the water-based printing ink "Finishfit Microbe Protect 2400" developed by the medium-sized printing ink manufacturer Epple Druckfarben AG. This varnish technology can be applied amongst other things in flexographic and/or gravure printing and is used on different paper substrates.

The antimicrobial and antiviral effect is achieved through an active ingredient that remains active for a long time. Positively charged silver ions are released that actively contribute to the reduction of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the varnish.

The functionality of the active ingredient in the varnish against various bacteria has been tested on print samples according to ISO 22196 and a reduction of up to 99.99% was recorded.

Very recently, a large packaging company used this functional varnish for the coating of protective walls made of corrugated cardboard, which are used as barriers in schools and training establishments where the minimum distance for avoiding droplet infections cannot be maintained.

Photo: Doneck Euroflex (Doneck Network)

09.05.2020 Europe Day on 09th May 2020

Our company stands for the peaceful cooperation of the European nations!

The spirit of Europe, which the citizens of different nationalities daily practice in the Schengen area, must not become the victim of national and absurd political strategies!

04.05.2020 Pro Europe: Open borders!

27.03.2020 Doneck Network calculates solvent surcharges as of 01.04.2020

The Doneck Network will levy solvent surcharges on solvent-based flexo and gravure inks as of 01.04.2020.

In order to secure our supply for the coming weeks, we had to accept price increases from our solvent suppliers. As of April 1, 2020, we will levy a product-specific solvent surcharge in accordance with the proportion of the ink used, which is shown separately in the amount of the increase. The surcharge will be updated in line with the development of costs and will be automatically waived when the base price for March 2020 is reached.

Due to the corona crisis, there is a relevant shortage of solvents, especially ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, as the latter are used in pharmaceutical and disinfection products.

The DONECK NETWORK team is working under high pressure with its suppliers to secure the solvent quantities required to counteract the shortage and bottlenecks in transport capacities. In addition, internal optimization programs support our efforts to keep the cost burdens for our customers as low as possible.

Photo: Doneck Network

25.03.2020 DONECK NETWORK - Covid 19 pandemic

The DONECK NETWORK hereby informs about the current effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Safety and hygiene measures

We were among the first companies to begin weeks ago to permanently raise hygiene standards and protective measures at all our subsidiaries.

In addition to individual training and instruction with regard to the increased hygiene requirements and the provision of protective and disinfection materials, we have also taken numerous organisational measures, such as increased disinfection frequencies, reduction of non-operationally necessary staff at the sites, setting up numerous home offices, blocking or regulating rooms and areas in which there is a possible increased risk of infection, strict prohibition of access to the premises for outsiders, etc..

Supply of raw materials

The DONECK NETWORK team is working extremely hard to secure the supply chain. We are in constant contact with our suppliers and alternative suppliers. We continuously check/monitor our current requirements as well as forecast material movements, taking appropriate counter measures if necessary. Increased need for action currently exists for raw materials from China, Italy and India. Due to the current corona crisis, there is a relevant shortage of solvents, especially ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, as the latter is used in pharmaceutical and disinfection products.

Production & Logistics

At the moment we have our production facilities in full operation. We are even in the process of building up stocks of standard products so that we can use them as a supply buffer in the event of possible restrictions or capacity outages. In any case, for reasons of fairness to all our valuable customers, we are not able to accept “panic buying” and excess forward orders, but will schedule orders in each case in such a way that they correspond to the normal flow of goods. We have already had to reject critical orders in this respect and have found time-equalized solutions together with customers. We hope that everyone agrees that this is the best way moving forward. 

We continue to assume that the borders within the EU will remain open for the movement of goods. We have been informed by our local logistics service providers that the punctuality of planned deliveries could be delayed by a few days in future. According to the current state of knowledge, the basic ability to deliver is still given.

Please be assured that the Management and our Crisis Management Team are working intensively and with motivation/dedication to ensure that DONECK NETWORK continues to stand by your side as your stable partner in these difficult times!

If you have any further questions, our local customer advisors will be glad to help you!

Photo: Doneck Network (AdobeStock)

18.03.2020 In focus: customer service and sustainability

The Doneck Network units in England, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Chile and Italy have state-of-the-art automatic dispensing systems and in some cases production plants, ink laboratories and local technical sales teams as well as international specialists who advise and serve customers throughout Europe and in South America.

"We have been producing our water-based and solvent-based printing inks in a climate-neutral way since 2018. We have established this and many other projects in our environmental program "We think green". This includes topics such as waste separation, environmentally friendly vehicle fleets, reusable instead of disposable, water dispensers for all employees and further environmentally friendly ideas," says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network.

Doneck has a wide product portfolio of compostable water-based and solvent-based printing inks and varnishes for different applications in the food packaging area. The printing inks are certified in accordance with the EN 13432 standard and according to the "OK Compost Industrial" and "OK Compost Home". In the water-based printing inks segment, Doneck offers its customers products made from a high proportion of renewable raw materials for different paper and cardboard applications. 

In addition, Doneck has expanded its product portfolio in the solvent-based printing inks area. The customers can now obtain haptic varnishes with soft touch and paper touch as well as particularly opaque white types for reverse printing and laminates.

"Euromix": automatic dispensing system
This unusual symbiosis of an automatic dispensing system combined with highly pigmented ink concentrates has become an essential part of modern-day packaging printing. Doneck customers thus benefit from a special, inspiring and "different" service package. Worldwide, the Doneck Network has 150 dispensing systems in use in both the water-based and solvent-based inks. 

In addition to high-quality water-based and solvent-based printing inks for flexographic and gravure printing applications, the Luxembourg-headquartered mid-size enterprise Doneck has a further extensive service package for its customers.

Photo: Doneck Digiproof (Doneck Network)

18.10.2019 Doneck Network invests in a new plant in Hungary!

From now on, the European printing ink manufacturer will supply its customers in Central Europe with high-quality printing inks for flexographic and gravure printing applications from its ultra-modern new plant in Százhalombatta. The Batta industrial park, approx. 30 km south west of Budapest, is in an ideal strategic location to service the Doneck Network’s Central European customers.

At the heart of the new site is the state-of-the-art installation of water-based and solvent-based ink production for flexographic and gravure printing applications. The new plant offers space for the entire printing ink manufacture process flow. From modern warehouse technology through high-tech laboratory technology, in-house maintenance and repair technology and logistics with our own HGV fleet. Production of water-based inks has been underway since the start of 2019. Solvent-based inks have been in production since April 2019. The team of almost 20 employees in Hungary, under the leadership of Managing Director Balint Juhász, achieves top-quality development and production to precise customer requirements. The new plant corresponds to the highest environmental, safety and efficiency measures.

With the new plant, the Luxembourg-based medium-sized company, provides a robust platform for the Central European market and further expansions are therefore ensured. The old site at Speckgürtel from Budapest, founded in 2010, had run out of space for the rising production capacities. The entire usable area of the new building is approx. 3,500 m2. Construction including planning was completed just 15 months.

"The logistically advantageous position directly on the M6 motorway guarantees a fast and flexible delivery to Doneck Network customers in Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Romania. We have settled in really quickly and operations are already well underway in our spacious modern plant" says Balint Juhász, Managing Director of Doneck Pronat Ltd.

Photo: Doneck Network

16.09.2019 The 1st Doneck Safety Day was a total success!

"Safety first" has long been accorded the utmost importance at the headquarters of the Doneck Network in Luxembourg. The safety of its employees is particularly close to Doneck's heart. For that reason Doneck has established an exemplary and comprehensive safety concept.

In consideration of the fire five years ago, the management decided to declare this year's summer event the 1st Safety Day for Doneck Euroflex in Grevenmacher.

The concept was a total success. In his "greeting", Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director Doneck Network welcomed a total of 120 employees from Doneck Euroflex in summer weather. The objective was to pass through all the stations in six teams (Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Black, Red and Green). The safety stations, each with a different emphasis, were predominantly manned by employees.

The employees were able to refresh techniques such as "cardiac massage" or the "recovery position" through practice (two first aid stations) and subsequently ask the first-aiders questions. What and where in our company are EX protection zones? What is a dust deflagration? How do our solvents and NC behave? How easily a fire can start! What is Zone 0 and what is its effect? These questions were answered by the HSEO Manager Klaus Müller in an impressive and varied demonstration.

The Company Fire Workers showed the guests what protective equipment the team wears. Extinguishing with a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket was also practised on the company site.

The most popular stations were the two driving simulators from Bestsim. Here, the Doneck employees were able to simulate driving a car under the influence of alcohol (after consuming beer or whisky). Or they could be distracted by a text message while driving a car. The participants were able to see for themselves the consequences of these distractions in road traffic.

The 1st Doneck Safety Day was rounded off by music and a tasty barbecue buffet (Party Service Böß from Schwollen) as well as alcohol-free drinks. The organiser was satisfied. "With good weather and a relaxed atmosphere, the Doneck employees spent a somewhat different working day. They showed great interest, were inquisitive and took an active part. So we achieved our goal of giving our employees a greater understanding of occupational health and safety", says Rita Knippel, Marketing & Communications Manager of the Doneck Network.

Photo: Doneck Network

19.08.2019 Cooperation supports children, young people and adults in Jordanian refugee camp

Medium-sized, European printing ink specialist Doneck has concluded a new cooperation contract with CARE Luxembourg. The new concept was developed especially for the Doneck Network. In the Jordanian refugee camp of Azraq, children, young people and adults are to receive psychological and mediation-based support and care.

A sustainable partnership for support of the most vulnerable

With the help of the donations, two birth clinics in Niger were connected to a clean water supply including solar power supply in the first two years of the project, 2016 and 2017. Midwives no longer have to carry water from the spring to the clinic and the hygiene standard has been considerably improved thanks to clean potable water from the mains. In 2018, together with Doneck, CARE defined the focus of its social engagement on a newly developed, innovative food project. In 59 villages the health of children aged from 6 - 23 months was assessed. Children with malnutrition were then taken care by CARE in a nutrition project. Their mothers went to "Nutrition schools" in their villages to learn how to prepare calorie-rich meals with the extremely nutritious leaves of the Moringa tree. Many children were much better after two weeks so that mothers were able to continue to nurse them on their own. CARE staff also visited the homes of affected families to see whether what had been learned was being applied at home. This project has laid a good foundation for fighting malnutrition. "The project has been that successful that it should be extended", says Frédéric Haupert, National Director, CARE Luxembourg.

Together against child trauma

With the future support in the Jordanian refugee camp, traumatised Syrian children and families will receive psychological help and support. In total, 36,000 people live here in a desert camp, not far from the border and their old homes. As refugees, they suffer from depression, uncertainty, boredom and high levels of stress. To improve this desperate situation and to offer the refugees a good perspective, CARE is offering conversation and mediation. In February 2019 the Doneck employees were able to find out about the refugee camp and the people who live there in the "Dear Syria" exhibition. Further employee-involvement opportunities are planned for this year.

Photo: Frédéric Haupert, National Director CARE Luxembourg, Arndt Breitbach Managing Director Doneck Network (Doneck Network)

Editors: Doneck Euroflex & Care Luxembourg

05.06.2019 Still on the ball together: Doneck Network & Doneck Dolphins Trier!

The medium-sized European printing ink specialist for high-quality water and solvent-based flexographic and gravure inks has extended its contract as name sponsor for a further three years. The Doneck Dolphins Trier, one of ten German wheelchair basketball teams in the 1st division of the German league, finished the 2018/2019 season successfully in 4th place. In the 2017/2018 season they even came 3rd. Speed, team spirit, success and an international team are just a few of the things that both partners have in common. Together, both act according to the motto "Bring colour to life!"

The Doneck Network has been supporting the Doneck Dolphins Trier since 2013. First as shirt sponsor and since 2015 as name sponsor. Both teams cultivate a long-standing, close partnership. The Dolphins team is present at Doneck, whether at the photo shoot at the start of the season or during the season. The Doneck employees come to the home games with their families to cheer the team on. The employees are informed about game results and team news via the company's internal news channel. 

Young talented people will also shape the Doneck Dolphins team in the coming season. They come to Trier to learn from the experience and skill of Dirk Passiwan and the other professionals like Diana Dadzite. 

"We are proud of the team and want to continue our involvement in this attractive sport. For us, wheelchair basketball is an inclusive sport and therefore a good example of an open society", says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network, explaining this step.

Photo: Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director Doneck Network, Otmar Passiwan, Doneck Dolphins Trier & Dirk Passiwan, Doneck Dolphins Trier #11 (Doneck Network)

18.02.2019 Doneck Network: German production location for solvent-based inks for packaging!

The medium-sized European specialist for high-quality water and solvent-based flexographic and gravure inks will once again be at the Proflex in Stuttgart.

With its second production location for solvent-based printing inks in Merzig, Germany, which was completed shortly before going into operation, the Doneck Network now has additional production capacities with which to meet the demands of the packaging industry, which have been growing for years.

In addition to that, the Doneck Network with its locations in Luxembourg and Germany will be one of the few European printing ink manufacturers to also have a corresponding backup within the scope of the Business Contingency Plan. Both locations are equipped with ultra-modern production technology and safety infrastructure, including items such as automatic fire extinguishing systems. "We have thus set a further milestone in delivery reliability for our customers in our risk management concept", says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Partner of Doneck Euroflex S.A.

The Doneck Network will also be presenting some product innovations at the trade fair booth: in addition to many water-based ink systems, some solvent-based printing ink series have now also been certified according to the label "OK Compost Industrial" for industrial composting plants (composting at 55 °C to 60 °C) and "OK Compost Home" for household compost (lower temperature). Compostability is checked in two steps according to the EN standard 13432: First of all, the Organic Waste Systems Institute carries out a heavy metals analysis. After that an ecotoxicity test is carried out. Following the successful tests and protocols, the certification is carried out by the TÜV Austria.

“Green printing” is gaining in importance in the packaging industry. That's why Doneck is putting the spotlight on this aspect together with user safety", says Doneck Network's Managing Director Sales Edgar Becker, explaining the reason for this step.

The technical sales team will give advice on the new products and the Euromix dispensing system to visitors at the trade fair booth in Stuttgart. Contacts at the Proflex are Edgar Becker, Managing Director Sales, and the German-speaking sales team with Claudia Klampfl, Mario Ittner, Hubert Triller and Rüdiger Neuschäfer.

We look forward to your visit!

Photo: Doneck DCM Merzig (Doneck Network)

12.11.2018 Alberto Pighin and Doneck Network following up together the EUROINK mission

Alberto Pighin and Doneck Network announce that they will following up together the EUROINK mission.

“When Alberto and me met the first time this year I was first of all very consternated to learn that the Italien Euroink SRL was facing in 2016 a similar fire accident like we did in 2014. In contrast to our business, Euroink has not been any more able to come back to the market, what they intended to to. But I could immediately recognize the spirit and enthusiasm, the uncompromising customer focus and also the target to offer a unique service to the market. Therefore I am very happy to form together with Alberto a symbiosis and to come back together to the market with a strong approach” says Arndt Breitbach, major shareholder of Doneck Network.

The new italien company DONECK EUROINK SRL will be lead by Alberto Pighin and he will ensure together with his Team to combine the best ressources from both companies in order to bring back the unique EUROINK vision to the market. 

DONECK EUROINK SRL will also be partner of “Les Talents Italiens” which have been initialized by Laura Teresa Venturati. These italien companies formed a strategic partnership with the objective to offer to the market tailor-made solutions for the packacking market including design & branding, state-of-the –art prepress technology, film technology, adhesives for laminating and inks.

Photo: Doneck Euroink Team & Les Talents Italiens Team: Alberto Pighin, Arndt Breitbach, Davide Gottardi, Edgar Becker (Doneck Network)

30.10.2018 Compostable solvent-based inks from the Doneck Network for packaging

The newly certified printing ink series (DIN EN 13432) are ideally suited to the printing of food packaging and tissue products made of paper and film.

“Green printing” is gaining in importance in the packaging industry. For that reason, the Doneck Network is focusing on this aspect together with consumer safety. In addition to the already compostable water-based ink series, the European printing inks manufacturer has now also had the compostability of major products from the solvent-based inks portfolio tested and certified.

“If desired, customers of the Doneck Network can thus fall back on a wide range of compostable products”, says Frank Hofmann, Product Director of the Doneck Network, commenting on this innovation of the Doneck Network.

The Doneck Network has compostable inks for the following areas of application:

Solvent-based ink series

Developed for the printing of carrier bags and packaging, the “Euro Bag” ink series impresses technically with outstanding gloss, good wrinkle recovery and abrasion resistance. The high pigment concentration at low viscosity enables perfect printing of both areas and fine lettering using flexographic printing. “Euro-Film” has been developed for the printing of film packaging. Doneck's portfolio includes the inks from the “Euro Max” series for compostable heavy-duty sacks for the packaging of foodstuffs and fertilisers, or for agricultural sacks. The printing inks are also suitable for the printing of film bags for detergents. High UV light stability and resistance to weathering is a must for this ink series. With the highly pigmented ink concentrates from the “Euro-Base” series you can manufacture numerous ink series for different applications through the addition of blends.

Water-based ink series

Doneck has developed the “Euro-Food” ink series for food packaging made of paper, for example bags and wrapping paper. It meets the requirements of the EN 646 standard for bleeding fastness and it is odourless with low migration. The printing inks from the “Euro Nap” series are ideally suited for tissue products such as serviettes, airlaids, paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper and tablecloths. The printing ink is odourless and ensures a good printing result on absorbent substrates. The “Eco-Film”, developed for the film processing industry, has a good freeze-fastness and is also suitable for hygienic packaging, e.g. for nappies and sanitary towels. The ink series mentioned have good machine running properties and result in a high gloss on printed products.

The printing ink series mentioned are all certified according to the label “OK Compost Industrial” for industrial composting plants (composting at 55 °C to 60 °C) and “OK Compost Home” for household compost (lower temperature). Compostability is checked in two steps according to the EN standard 13432: First of all, the Organic Waste Systems Institute carries out a heavy metals analysis. After that an ecotoxicity test is carried out. Following the successful tests and protocols, the certification is carried out by the TÜV Austria*.

“With the OK Compost ink series, we have reached a further milestone in our sustainability policy. With the motto “We think green!” we are obligating ourselves to preserving the environment and energy resources as far as possible, in addition to our climate-neutral manufacturing process. Doneck Euroflex has been purchasing CO2-neutral electricity and gas for years, in addition to which we participate in climate protection projects,” says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of Doneck Network.

*Note about composting:

In order for packaging to be compostable, the additives such as adhesives and printing inks must not interfere with the biological degradability of the printed substrate and must not have any negative effects on plant growth. This ensures that the compost can be re-used, for example in agriculture or in garden markets. 

Photo: Compostable bread bag (Doneck Network) 

05.09.2018 Professional Colour Management with the Doneck DigiProof

In 2017, the Doneck Network established a unit with the Doneck Colour Competence Team, which meets the increasing technical demands of the printing industry, in particular in the world of printing inks. The team supports and advises the customers in professional colour management. Apart from the expertise of the team, the core piece of the colour management package is the Doneck DigiProof.

Doneck has developed various service packages for practical colour application. From the standardised recipe development tailored to the individual customer over top-qualitative digital colour and recipe cards with Delta E (∆E) specifications and Plus/Minus tolerances through to consultation in the equipment of the DigiProof with hardware and software. These colour management packages are offered as a service for the customers of the Doneck Network. As an alternative, customers can order the packages directly for their printing company or ink kitchen on-site. The Doneck Colour Competence Team provides advice and support in the equipment of the professional colorimetry and the practice-based implementation within the printing company.

The advantages of the Doneck DigiProof are quite obvious: the standardised reproducibility according to spectral values and the durability of the DigiProof colour cards are two arguments in favour of this innovative technology. The digital colour cards can be reproduced at random according to spectral values and have excellent light fastness properties. They simulate the ink tones that are later required for printing. The printing result is of appropriately high quality and colour authenticity: A true-colour impression of the desired ink tones on an individual substrate (white or brown) is guaranteed. The prints can be proofed on coated and uncoated paper. The DigiProof has an even printing pressure as opposed to manual printing. Your communication with the end customer or proprietary brand producer will improve thanks to the spectral values (cxf file, digital standard).

With the Doneck DigiProof package in the ink kitchen, the customers are independent and can quickly print out the required authentic colour cards on site. This accelerates the processes in the printing company and does away with waiting times in the rather hectic everyday life of today's printing industry. The DigiProof is easy and uncomplicated to handle. Calibration takes place automatically.

Our colour competence team / DigiProof team is at your disposal, should you have any questions, dial this number: Tel.: +352 710 810 1. 

Photo: Doneck DigiProof (Doneck Network)

20.08.2018 20 years of Doneck Euroflex in Grevenmacher in Luxembourg!

200 international guests celebrated at a colourful, relaxed, family festival

The aroma of freshly baked cakes and barbecued specialities such as sausages and "DIY-hamburgers" invited the employees of the Doneck Network and their families to eat right from the start on Saturday, 11 August 2018. The "Family Day 2018" was organised by an employee team at the company's site on the Potaschberg. 

The wide variety of attractions from Spielmobil Konz for the numerous employees' children formed the heart of the event. The kids romped around and tried out various things such as the Bobby Car course, the climbing wall, football darts, table football or the bouncy castle. The most popular attraction, as everyone could see, was the face painting. 

"Daddy, where do you work?" and "What does the world of printing ink manufacturing look like?" The families were able to get answers to these and other questions in three guided tours through the works. Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director and Edgar Becker, Managing Director Sales led the guests through Doneck Euroflex's impressive raw materials warehouse, the extensive water-based inks production area, the modern water-based inks laboratory and the logistics, providing exciting details along the way.

To the music of Nena's "99 Red Balloons", the guests launched lots of colourful balloons into the sky at around 6.00 pm with the hope that they would fly furthest and win the balloon competition. After that, everyone enjoyed the delicious summer barbecue buffet put on by Landgasthaus Böß from Schwollen in the festival tent. Arndt Breitbach was taken by surprise with the many congratulations and gifts to mark the anniversary. "With this celebration we would like to thank in particular all our employees for their many years of dedication. Without them the success story of the Doneck Network would not have been possible", said Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director, commenting on the "Doneck Family Day". 

There was a colourful mix of guests. The majority of the employees live in the Trier region and in nearby Saarland. The European employees from the locations in England, Poland and Hungary also joined the party. The guests were unanimous in declaring it to be a successful and lovely celebration in wonderful summer weather.

Photo: Arndt Breitbach (Managing Director Doneck Network) and Edgar Becker (Managing Director Sales) 

13.06.2018 Healthy nutrition for malnourished infants in Niger!

In 2017, the second year of cooperation between CARE Luxembourg and Doneck Euroflex,  "nutrition schools" were set up in 79 project villages in which malnourished children were cared for and pepped up.

A diagnostic study was conducted at the start of the project, in the course of which CARE determined the state of health of children aged 6 to 23 months in 59 villages. Malnutrition is determined on the basis of the circumference of the upper arm. A child is suffering from moderate malnutrition with a circumference of 115 to 125 mm and acute malnutrition with a circumference of less than 115 mm. The results of the examination of 3,138 children showed 2,755 healthy children, 318 moderately malnourished and 65 acutely malnourished children. The acutely malnourished children were treated immediately in a health centre or hospital.

"Nutrition schools" were set up in 16 villages in the village centre under the baobab tree for 156 children with moderate malnutrition. Here the mothers learned every day how to prepare nutritious, high-calorie meals for their children with few ingredients and the right dosage. While the dishes were cooking, seminars were held on the subjects of hygiene and foodstuffs. In order to judge progress after the two-week "nutrition school", the children's upper arms were measured again.

A total of 139 children had already managed to reach a "normal" nutritional state after two weeks. "A fantastic result, especially considering the collection of the data took place in a month in which the foodstuffs were rather scarce", says Robert Schadeck, president of CARE Luxembourg, commenting on this success.

In order to see whether the knowledge gained was also being used at home, house visits were made to the families concerned following the "nutrition schools" by CARE. During a visit to a hospital, medical personal gave their assurance that children whose mothers had visited the "nutrition school" by CARE had not returned to the hospital due to malnutrition.

Thanks to the generous donation by Doneck it was possible to cover not only the costs of the procurement and distribution of the materials such as ladle sets, tape measures, children's scales, books and pens for the nutrition schools, but also in part the personnel and logistic costs for this project. Most important: a great contribution has been made to the avoidance of malnutrition in infants in these villages in future.

Editors: Care Luxemburg and Doneck Euroflex

Photo: Wies / Care Luxemburg

19.02.2018 Doneck Euroflex produces its printing inks in a climate-neutral process and presents water-based inks on the basis of renewable resources!

“We think green!” – Doneck Network presents its image under this motto at this year's Proflex.

The printing ink manufacturer from Luxembourg has actually done everything possible to prove that it takes the topic of sustainability very seriously.

Since January 2018, Doneck Euroflex has modified its manufacturing facility in Luxembourg to a climate-neutral process. For years, the company has already relied on electricity from hydropower and now also uses natural green gas. As the company activity has been recorded in a CO2 emissions record for years, it was now able to be compensated by the participation in a forest protection project in Brazil and an emission reduction program in Peru in a climate-neutral manner. This has been confirmed by the climate protection specialist ClimatePartner.

Apart from the climate neutrality of the in-house processes, Doneck Euroflex is also working on the increased use of more ecological resources. It was therefore possible to develop more-resource-efficient, water-based flexographic inks for corrugated cardboard post-print application. The Euroboard WKE series is based on the philosophy of a basic colour system, in which the traditional pigment concentrates are mixed with newly developed varnishes. In doing so, significant parts of the traditional acrylate resins and additives are replaced by alternatives based on renewable resources or hybrid systems. This reduces the use of crude oil-based chemicals and lowers the resource-related CO2 footprint of the printing ink used.

With the self-marketed automatic dosing system EUROMIX, the Doneck Network offers the manufacturers of corrugated cardboard the possibility of applying not only the conventional but also the newly introduced printing ink chemicals according to customer requirements in order-related applications by using different varnishes.

“Of course, our sustainability strategy determines our daily actions in many aspects. Numerous projects to avoid unnecessary waste, to increase energy efficiency through to a more environmentally friendly vehicle fleet help us to constantly reduce our environmental impact,“ Managing Partner Arndt Breitbach explains.

Photo: Certificate climate-neutral company (Doneck Network)

13.10.2017 Doneck Network banks on climate-protecting vehicle fleet

Within the framework of its sustainability strategy, the Doneck Network has once again invested in the climate-friendly vehicle fleet this year. 75% of the company's own transport fleet now drives with the latest engine technology conforming to the Euro 6 standard. This reduces the use of fuel by 20% and also lowers CO2 emissions.

In addition, the vehicles are equipped with modern telematics systems that help with the optimisation of route planning and individual driving behaviour, including the saving of resources. Employees are specially trained and sensitised for this. To that extent it is no coincidence that a Doneck Network driver has been crowned "German Champion of the Federal Traveltainer League" twice in a row by telematics operators on account of his outstanding individual driving behaviour, based on comparison data with other drivers.

Doneck Network has also taken the first step towards e-mobility for passenger transport, too. The company has invested in its first fully electrically operated vehicle, with which many short-haul routes and local traffic can be covered electrically. Since Doneck Euroflex purchases exclusively CO2-neutral electricity, every kilometre driven with the new e-mobile is free from CO2 emissions.

"Striving for ever greater sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate policy", says Arndt Breitbach, managing partner of the Doneck Network. "We are currently working on further important projects for the saving of resources, in particular in the areas of energy and waste."

Doneck Euroflex has already had its management system certified to EN ISO 14001 by the TÜV Saarland on a regular basis since 2010 and its sustainability strategy is based on ISO 26000.

Photo:Doneck Network

01.07.2017 Clean water for midwives and mothers at two maternity clinics in Niger!

The co-operation and sponsoring of Doneck Euroflex with Care Luxembourg made it possible in 2016 to connect running water to two maternity clinics in Timia and Krip Krip in northern Niger with the aid of wells.

The preparations began in December 2015. Two technicians, an electro-mechanical engineer and a hydro-geological engineer assessed the scope of the necessary construction and installation work. The two maternity clinics were supplied with solar power in February 2016 so that groundwater can be pumped into the clinics.

The pipe-laying work, the preparation of the pumps and their cabling with the pump systems in the wells began in the summer (August and September) with employees from a local partner, HED Tamat. After that plumbing, masonry and pump work was carried out in the clinics to connect the water supply. Water towers were built to ensure the sustainability of the water supply. The water towers were manufactured in the town of Agadez and then transported carefully to the project region. The water towers were made of stainless steel and sheet metal. Each tower holds a volume of 5 m³. The water tower in Krip Krip fills up within 50 minutes, that in Timia in less than 35 minutes. The water systems went into operation in October 2016. So far both installations have functioned without any trouble and are supplying both maternity clinics with clean drinking water.

A young woman in Krip Krip expressed her joy at the running drinking water as follows: "Unbelievable, but true. Never in my life have I seen a dripping water tap in such a remote place as Krip Krip. We thank God, HED Tamat, their managerial staffs and their partners that they have provided our maternity clinic with the urgently needed running water."

Thanks to Doneck's generous donation, the hygiene conditions in two maternity clinics in this remote area of Niger have been changed permanently and improved enormously.

Editors: Care Luxemburg and Doneck

Photo: Care Luxemburg

05.06.2017 Doneck Ibérica strengthens its team with Alexis Mur as Technical Sales Director

Due to the increasing success of the Doneck Network in Spain, Doneck Ibérica S.L.U. is pleased to have appointed Alexis Mur as its Technical Sales Director.

Alexis Mur is considered to be an absolute expert for the Spanish market when it comes to printing inks. Apart from his high level of competence he also has a highly dynamic personality. He will now use these positive characteristics to support the Doneck Network team: Since April 2017 he now manages the sales activities in Spain and Portugal, and also supports technical sales in France.

Alexis Mur gained his excellent reputation at a medium-sized Spanish printing ink manufacturer. “It has always been extremely important to me to work in an owner-operated company with a flat hierarchy and short communication channels, as this forms the basis for optimal customer service. At Doneck Network, it is not only the enormous flexibility but also the advanced production technology and performance capability of the products that convince me. As well as the exceptional unique selling points such as e.g. printing inks for direct contact with food products or the fully automatic Euromix dosing system”, says Alexis Mur, pleased about his new professional challenge.

“We are delighted to have Alexis on board, as his vast experience and high level of commitment are a great benefit for our Spanish customers. Even after such a short time it feels as though we have always worked towards the same goals and with a tremendous degree of customer enthusiasm", reports Roger Martínez Tonn, Business Director Doneck Ibérica

With the commitment of Alexis Mur, the Doneck Network has gained a specialist for water- and solvent-based flexographic and gravure inks, who operates on a Europe-wide basis. With automatic mixing systems and an in-house printing ink laboratory in Barcelona, Spanish customers with the appropriate printing ink series for foil and paper applications can be quickly and reliably supplied.

10.04.2017 Toyo Ink and Doneck Enter Licensing Agreement for Water-based Lamination Inks

Toyo INK Co., Ltd., a member of the Toyo INK Group, and Doneck Euroflex SA, a manufacturer of flexo and gravure inks for the European region, today announced that they, on April 1, 2017, concluded a licensing agreement that allows Doneck to manufacture and sell Toyo INK’s AQUA LIONA™ and AQUAECOL™ series of water-based lamination inks to markets in Europe. This licensing agreement is expected to strengthen the position of both companies in the competitive global packaging industry, as water-based alternatives to printing inks are projected to fuel the future growth of the industry, especially in the food packaging sector.

“We’re delighted to enter this agreement with Doneck Euroflex, a major company in the supply of liquid ink systems across Europe,” said Katsumi Yamazaki, president of Toyo INK. “We already have an established supply structure and a proven sales track record in Asia and North and South America. The new licensing agreement will allow us to strengthen our existing water-based liquid inks operations on a global basis by extending its supply structure to Europe, a region where its presence had been weak up until now.” 

While tapping into Doneck’s extensive distribution network, Toyo INK will strive to provide full customer support tailored to individual market needs and to achieve shipments of 1,000 tons per year during the company’s next mid-term management plan that runs from fiscal 2018 through fiscal 2020.

“We are happy to introduce this unique water-based technology which could lead to increased environmental sustainability. We are proud that Doneck Network was chosen by Toyo INK as partner for AQUA LIONA™ and AQUAECOL™ for the European market”, said Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director and main shareholder of the Doneck Network.

Toyo INK is a pioneer in retort technology development. The AQUA LIONA™ series of water-based flexo lamination ink is the first of its kind to support high-end retort applications, exhibiting excellent printability at high-speeds. The AQUAECOL™ series of water-based gravure lamination inks features a high pigmentation design that helps it achieve excellent printability and a high resolution. In addition, AQUAECOL™ is suitable to a wide range of applications from snack to retort food packaging.

Both AQUA LIONA™ and AQUAECOL™ use as their base resin, a water-soluable urethane resin engineered with Toyo INK's unique polymer technology. As a result, these inks demonstrate world-class printing results and quality while adhering to strict chemical substance regulations and guidelines, such as the Swiss Ordinance and the European Printing Ink Association.

AQUA LIONA™ and AQUAECOL™ will be showcased at the Toyo INK Group booth at the interpack 2017 packaging exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany in May.

About Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.: 

Toyo INK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyo INK SC Holdings Co., Ltd., oversees the Group’s Printing and Information and the Packaging Materials business segments. It is the driving force behind the Group’s graphic arts companies in Japan and abroad. Leveraging its high technical expertise, the company brings color and function to virtually all aspects of life. In addition to high quality, high value-added, environmentally friendly printing inks for every type of printing, the company provides tools and solutions for consumer safety and security including printing process standards support, assistance with energy saving, materials saving and environmental response, universal design and food sanitation management. For more information, visit

17.03.2017 Tense delivery situation for titanium dioxide entails price increase for white printing inks as well as the use of substitute quality products

Tense delivery situation for titanium dioxide entails price increase for white printing inks as well as the use of substitute quality products

We would like to inform you that we are forced to increase our prices for white printing inks as of April 1st 2017 due to the tense situation on the titanium dioxide market.

As you will see from our homepage, the key supplier of titanium dioxide, Huntsman, reported a major fire at its factory in Pori, Finland on January 31st 2017 and declared it as a case of force majeure. The factory has an annual capacity of 130,000 metric tons, which corresponds to about 10 % of the quantity required by the European market. As titanium dioxide pigments for printing ink applications were primarily manufactured in Pori, we estimate that approximately 40- 50 % of the European requirements for flexographic and gravure inks were covered there. The reasons for this high market share are the high gloss quality and the particularly low abrasion properties of the quality products manufactured there.

According to the information we have so far, the Pori plant will be out of operation at least until the end of the year. As these qualities are not produced at any other Huntsman site, printing ink manufacturers are forced to procure an appropriate quantity of substitute quality products. This poses a great challenge, as European titanium dioxide suppliers have recently considerably reduced their on-hand stocks, and Asian manufacturers also have limited supply capacities due to intensified environmental requirements. The consequence has been a drastic increase in titanium dioxide prices by 30 - 40 % over the last few weeks. 

As the pigment qualities from Pori used by the majority of printing ink manufacturers are no longer available, we must rely on using substitute pigments from Huntsman or other manufacturers as of March 2017. Although the Doneck network is working at top speed to also ensure the properties of the former pigment qualities with alternative titanium dioxide qualities, our white printing inks may nevertheless have less gloss quality and higher abrasion behaviour. We are currently carefully testing the alternatives in our laboratory to the best of our knowledge and judgement. If delivery specifications agreed with certain customers should deviate from the former ones, we will inform these customers separately and discuss the further procedure. In any case we recommend that special parameters or product properties not explicitly agreed with our company be carefully checked once again before production printing.

More information: PR VdL 02 2017 (PDF)

Photo: Doneck Network

16.02.2017 Key titanium dioxide supplier Huntsman reports large-scale fire in Pori works – tight situation for white printing inks

Key titanium dioxide supplier Huntsman reports large-scale fire in Pori works – tight situation for white printing inks

According to a press release dated 31 January 2017, Huntsman reported a fire at its works in Pori on its homepage. Pori has an annual production capacity of 130,000 metric tons, which is equivalent to about 10 % of the European market requirement.

Although Huntsman has pledged to get the production facility up and running again as soon as possible, it is at present still unknown how long that will take.

Generally speaking, this accident has hit the titanium dioxide market at an unfavourable time, since the few European manufacturers have been running their on-hand stocks down for some time now. It is doubtful whether the European titanium dioxide industry can serve market demands adequately with this limited capability to deliver.

Huntsman has other European production facilities that may be able owing the circumstances to provide substitute qualities. Nothing is known at present about future delivery capabilities.

The Doneck Network is working flat out on solutions to secure capability to deliver white printing inks. We hope that the situation will stabilise in the very near future.

If delivery specifications should differ from previous ones, we will inform the customers concerned promptly. In any case we recommend that special parameters or product properties not explicitly agreed with our company be carefully checked once again before production printing.

The Doneck Network will ensure that, in the current situation, no customer will be at a disadvantage with regard to readiness for delivery and that merely the previously normal required quantities will be covered.

More information: EUPIA PR 02 2017 (PDF)

Photo: Karri Laihonen /Yie

12.01.2017 New Year starts with Ian Carmichael as Technical Sales Director – UK and big upgrade of all Doneck Network laboratories

Right at the start of 2017 the Doneck Network is strengthening its activities on the UK market. With the appointment of Ian Carmichael as Technical Sales Director UK we have succeeded in acquiring the services of someone with many years of printing ink experience in a medium-sized company. Ian knows the world of flexographic and gravure printing like the back of his hand and has decades of management experience. Together with Ian we want to strengthen the position of the Doneck Network on the UK market still further.

Our deliberations always revolve around our customers. In order to continue to develop our local customer service, we will be significantly upgrading the laboratories of our subsidiaries so that we can check local residual solvent contents, measured values for bonding and the coefficient of sliding friction as well as light and weather fastness. In total a six-figure sum has been invested for this.

Ian Carmichael is delighted: "I'm very pleased to have been accepted so positively into the Doneck Network. I'm looking forward to working with the Doneck Network Team. Together with them I want to develop the sales, technical service and Doneck product range for our UK customers."  

19.12.2016 Product safety offensive in the Doneck Network for specialist water-based ink applications!

No matter whether they are printing inks for direct food contact, for compostable packaging or for use with baking. The Doneck Network has developed proven ink series for these specialist applications.

Food packaging has to fulfil a variety of functions. Its primary task is to protect the respective product on its journey from packing by the manufacturer to consumption by the consumer. This protection may be against factors ranging from damage and contamination to environmental influences (temperature, precipitation, sunlight etc.). Nevertheless, the first priority is to protect people from migration of substances between the product and the packaging and resulting contamination. Packaging facilitates the transport of the products from the producer to the POS (Point of Sales) and thence to the consumer. Once they have arrived there, they should be storable. The packaging is, furthermore, also the source of information regarding ingredients, origin etc. In addition, it is the marketing instrument for sale at the POS and for advertising the product. The consumer decides whether or not to buy in just three to seven seconds. In a survey, 85% of consumers indicated that the coloured design was the main reason for their decision to purchase. If the packaging needs for a product are diverse, then the requirements for food packaging are just as varied. Added to these are the technical properties and requirements, such as materials (paper, films) and their usage from production to disposal. Will the packaging be exposed to high (e.g. when heated in an oven) or low (e.g. when cooled in a freezer) temperatures? It is in direct contact with the food? Must the packaging be compostable? These and many other questions underline the high demands that are made of food packaging.

Apart from the technical printing specifications, the printing ink manufacturer must take appropriate account of these requirements in particular. The Doneck Network, which enjoys a good reputation on the market for consumer goods applications and whose management system is hygiene certified to DIN EN ISO 22000, has been approached increasingly frequently in the past by packaging manufacturers regarding products for the specialised applications mentioned above and has developed a suitable ink series for this purpose.

The Euro-Contact series of water-based inks used in combination with an overprint varnish from Doneck are suitable for direct contact with food. This opens up entirely new dimensions for the food packaging industrial sector. The product safety management of the Doneck Network classes this product application as particularly sensitive and uses the services of an independent, accredited laboratory to ensure compliance with food safety law. The Doneck Network laboratory teams have carried out painstaking development work and have created an ink series that has been tested and certified by the ISEGA. These inks are used for the printing of cardboard; they can be used for post-printing on coated, uncoated and smoothed papers, and for pre-printing on uncoated papers. For example, fruit and vegetable trays, pizza cartons and cake mats may be printed with this printing ink series. The Euro-Contact range scores points for its excellent printability and very good stability at the printing machine.

A still greater challenge for the printing ink developers of the Doneck Network is presented by the use of printing inks for muffin cups. Because the paper muffin cups are heated together with the food in the oven to a temperature of 220°C for a significant length of time, the issue of migration arises once again under these more demanding conditions. Even at temperatures as high as this, there must be no detectable transfer of ink substances to the food or, as the case may be, compliance with the legally stipulated SMLs (specific migration limits) must be maintained. Furthermore, a special selection of raw materials must be evaluated with the purpose of ensuring that they cannot break down to produce harmful substances at temperatures as high as this. The ISEGA certificate that has been issued confirms the safety of the Euro-Food WSG ink series for printing muffin cups.

A completely different, but no less important market trend is the demand for the compostability of printed packaging. Of importance here is the printed inks that is used as well as the other packaging components. As the result of a lengthy series of tests by independent experts, the Doneck Network has been able to determine that, by making the appropriate selection of pigments, several ink series for different applications may be considered to be compostable in accordance with EN 13432 and can be marked with the “OK Compost” and “OK Compost Home” conformity marks. All of the components of the ink series have been undergone rigorous tests to check their respective heavy metal content and ecotoxicity. Evidence that there is no impairment whatsoever of plant growth is provided by 20-day cultivation tests of cress and spring wheat.

The water-based Euro Food ink series was developed accordingly for food packaging made of paper. This ink for bags and wrapping paper also meets the standard for bleeding resistance according to EN 646 and is odourless as well as low migration. The Euro Film printing ink series has been developed for the plastic film processing industry. It is characterised by good printability at the machine and good adhesion and resistance on PE/PP. The Euro Nap printing ink series has been developed for napkin and table covering applications. Used on tissue materials, such as paper napkins, pocket tissues, toilet paper or airlaids, this printing ink is odourless and gives good printing results on porous substrates.

“We have invested extensive development efforts and considerable testing costs in these product innovations in order to enable us to guarantee high product and consumer safety. I think that this effort has been very worthwhile for the consumer,” says Edgar Becker, Managing Director of Sales, with regard to the new printing ink series.

Photo: Paprika packaging for direct food contact

25.10.2016 New partnership with the Doneck Network: clean drinking water for newborn babies and their mothers in Niger

After years of consistent social commitment in the company's immediate surroundings, the mid-size printing ink manufacturer Doneck Euroflex, which is based in Grevenmacher and specialises in food packaging, has decided to take new roads. Together with CARE, the company has developed a concept that is tailor made for its strategy and with which management and employees can also show their solidarity on the international stage, too. 

Specifically, the Doneck Network is supporting two maternity clinics in Niger this year. Niger is the world's poorest country and has at the same time the highest rate of mortality of mothers and children during or shortly after birth. Statistically, one in seven mothers dies while giving birth. The two partners are tackling this problem in the first year of their cooperation. Thanks to a generous donation, the maternity clinics will be connected to a clean water supply so that the midwives no longer have to carry the water 400 or 1000 metres respectively from the well to the clinics themselves. In this way the hygiene in the clinics and thus the health of the newborn babies and their mothers will be improved. Day by day, with each new birth, the dramatic mortality rates are being reduced a little more. 

The cooperation is initially planned for three years and, apart from the water supply to the clinics, is also dedicated to supporting nutrition centres for children and improved nutrition in primary schools.  

photo: Doneck Euroflex Managing Director Arndt Breitbach and CARE President Robert Schadeck following the signing of the contract

29.09.2016 Oscar meets Jack: Doneck Network sponsors chameleon!

The new chameleon "Jack" replaces the stolen "Freddy" in the Grevenmacher butterfly park.

On the first weekend in September, "Freddy" the panther chameleon was reported as having been stolen from the butterfly park in Grevenmacher. The 15 cm-long animal was stolen from its tropical terrarium. The police in Luxembourg are still investigating this case.

On hearing the news of the theft, Doneck Euroflex reacted immediately and made a gift of the new panther chameleon "Jack" from Madagascar. The attraction was missing from the butterfly park and the season wasn't yet over. The official presentation took place yesterday evening. "Jack has settled in nicely and feels right at home here", the animal keeper from the butterfly garden told us. "It was our pleasure to sponsor the new chameleon. We have some commonalities: our key visual is "Oscar" the chameleon. It is our image carrier and increases attention of our water-based and solvent-based printing inks. Amongst other things Oscar can be seen on our trucks, which drive all over Europe", commented Arndt Breitbach about this unusual sponsorship.

A chameleon can change its body colour very quickly and thus adapt itself to its environment, just as Doneck Euroflex adapts to the special wishes of its customers. The Doneck Network wishes "Jack" a long and happy life in the Grevenmacher butterfly park.

21.07.2016 Doneck Euroflex: 1st Health Day

A healthy workforce for a healthy company – Doneck Euroflex has introduced its corporate health management system (health promotion) under this motto.

Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director, was able to welcome 125 employees in glorious summer weather on the company’s premises in Grevenmacher on Friday, 8th July, 2016. The aim was to rouse the awareness of the workforce to the topic of “Health” and to introduce the in-house health promotion program. For years, the medium-sized printing ink manufacturer has already installed a program including influenza vaccination, water, and ergonomic workplaces for its employees.

The 1st Health Day started off with a group of colleagues who came to work by cycle instead of using the car. They all enjoyed a healthy fitness breakfast from 8 a.m. The breakfast was rounded off by a lecture on “Nutrition”. Six health stations were available in total, offering advice and information to the Doneck staff. Eyesight and hearing were tested. The health check-up included the measurement of blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels. E-biking was called for at the cycling station. The employees had the opportunity to obtain ergonomic advice directly at their workplace to enable the correction of posture and equipment. The staff met up with two trainers for a sporty workout. All those who were particularly ambitious could have points entered on their “Active card” after the activities, enabling them to take part in the competition with ten sports-related prizes.

“I’m delighted that so many colleagues actively took part and that the first health day was so well accepted,” comments Rita Knippel, PR Manager. “A successful event and a great start to our health promotion program” adds Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network.

23.05.2016 drupa 2016: "Link to ink" - Arndt Breitbach taking part as an expert


The German printing ink industry is celebrating a premiere at drupa 2016 in Düsseldorf. From 31st May to 10th June 2016, the specialist printing-inks group of VdL (the German varnish and printing ink industry federation) will present the versatility of printing inks and varnishes in twelve blocks of lectures. The themes of the presentations range from the composition of printing inks through their life cycle and to questions of the safety of packaging. Colour as a marketing tool will also be illuminated. In a look into the future the potential of digital printing and screen printing will be considered. The lectures are in German and in English and will be given on different days.

Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network will take the lecture prepared jointly with the specialist group of the VdL on the subject "The versatility of water-based printing inks: yesterday - today - tomorrow" and present it, in German, on Thursday 2nd June at 16:00. The credo of the European printing-ink specialists says: "The technical peak of water-based inks has not yet been reached!" 

The lecture venue "Link to ink - The combined ink know how" is in hall 3, stand B16.

18.02.2016 Proflex 2016: Doneck Network – focus on product safety

The mid-size European printing ink specialist for high-quality water and solvent-based flexographic and gravure inks is taking part in the Proflex for the fifth time in 2016.

"Our solvent production has been in full swing again since the beginning of the year. Thanks to our modern machine pool we are thus equipped for even higher performance. Many foil processors can now avail themselves of our complete product range once again", reports Arndt Breitbach, managing partner in the company. 

The German-speaking sales team will inform trade visitors to the exhibition booth in Stuttgart of news from the Doneck Network.

"In research and development we have expertly extended and further developed the internal analysis in our modern laboratories, in particular in the water-based printing inks segment. We are thus at the cutting edge in incoming pigment checks with regard to avoiding undesirable contamination. In addition, we have taken a further step towards product and consumer safety this year with the certification to DIN EN ISO 22000 Hygiene", comments Edgar Becker, Managing Director Sales of the Doneck Network.


02.12.2015 Excellence in Flexo: Kivo Plastic Verpakkingen wins with printing inks by the Doneck Network!

Dutch manufacturer of flexible packaging, Kivo, has taken out 1st prize in the 1st EFTA Benelux Flexo Awards using printing inks by the Doneck Network.

The European Flexographic Technical Association Benelux (EFTA-Benelux) currently has 90 members, and was founded in 1981 for flexographic printing companies in the Benelux countries. Its aim is to inform and continue to educate the industry on technical innovations and developments.

The first ever EFTA Benelux Flexo Award was presented at the Hilton Hotel in Antwerp on Thursday 26 November 2015, with flexographic printing providers from Belgium and the Netherlands competing for it in seven different categories. The winners are also nominated for the 2016 European Flexo Award Europa.

Kivo Verpakkingen claimed first prize in the category for flexographic printing on short-grain film with “Chicken Wings”, which was printed using inks supplied by the Doneck Network. The judges comprised experts from various disciplines within the flexographic printing industry.

The winning food packaging was printed on Windmöller & Hölscher’s Miraflex using the four-colour process with a 122-lpi cliché grid and a 400l/cm anilox roller. 

“We’re pleased about our customers’ high quality standards, and like the fact that our products are contributing to such outstanding print results. Our very positive expectations for our solvent-based ink systems have been confirmed,” says a happy Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network.

10.11.2015 New website design!

The relaunch of the new Doneck Network website sees the company present a modern design and high level of customer service.


Doneck Euroflex’s new website features a modern design and technical advancements. The clear layout allows visitors to quickly gain an overview of all services, while the Applications section provides detailed information on Doneck’s product range. 


Corporate responsibility in terms of quality, the environment, staff, products and sustainability is a key focus area, and one in which the Doneck Network commits to continuous improvement. In addition to regular certification assessments, Doneck was also the first printing ink manufacturer to be certified for food safety under ISO 22000 in spring 2015.


“The relaunch not only offers our clients an improved service, but also a modern, informative website. The new login enables our customers to track their printing-ink orders – is it still at the production plant, or already in a truck making its way across Europe to the print shop? And the five language versions allow us to speak to our European customers in their native language,” says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network. 


The website is extremely user-friendly, as it can also be retrieved on-the-go via mobile end devices (Smartphones and tablets), while the responsive design creates absolute added value for users.


There’s a lot more to discover on the new Doneck website: See for yourself at

13.08.2015 Together with the Dolphins we bring colour into your life!

The Europe-wide manufacturer of water-based and solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing inks has becoming the title sponsor of Trier’s successful Doneck Dolphins in the national wheelchair basketball league. Both crews have a lot in common. Speed, team spirit and an international squad are all guarantors for fair contests, whether on the court or on the printing ink market. The Doneck Network has supported the Dolphins as a jersey sponsor for the last two years, and in doing so has come to know and appreciate this fascinating, fast-paced and exciting sport. 

“We are pleased to have now been able to further develop the two-year-old partnership as title sponsor of the Dolphins. We hope the new Doneck Dolphins will gel together quickly, and have a successful season. Like the Doneck Network, the Dolphins have in recent years also proven that, with team spirit and passion, even underdogs can counterbalance the financial advantages enjoyed by the top dogs”, says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network.

29.04.2015 Doneck Euroflex the first printing ink manufacturer to be certified for food safety according to ISO 22000!

The medium-sized printing ink specialist for high-quality water-based and solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing obtained DIN EN ISO 22000 certification in February 2015.

Ensuring safe, hygienically flawless food for consumers is the top objective of HACCP. A HACCP plan includes risk analyses to identify and prevent chemical, physical or biological contamination. In order to comply with these requirements, Doneck Euroflex put all its business processes to the test, optimised them where necessary, and introduced systematic control points. This has been formalised in an ISO 22000-compliant hygiene management system and assessed by an accredited certification centre.

As a manufacturer of printing inks for of packaging, the Doneck Network feels particularly responsible for strengthening consumer safety in relation to food packaging.

“We are proud to be the first printing ink manufacturer to be certified under ISO 22000. Product safety is a key focus of our company policy!” says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of Doneck Network.

02.02.2015 "Welcome to Doneck World"

The medium-sized specialist in high-quality water and solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing inks had an eventful 2014, and will be attending Proflex 2015 high in confidence.

As has been the case over the last three years, the Doneck Network team is once again looking forward to attending Proflex: “After what was a very turbulent year for us, we are optimistic about being able to overcome the challenges ahead and take advantage of our opportunities. The fire at our solvent-based ink factory on 6 August 2014 was definitely a huge shock for all of us initially. But during this difficult time, the Doneck Network team proved it was able to competently and reliably implement its contingency plan when required. With this knowledge and the experience gained, we are approaching the New Year with optimism,” reports Arndt Breitbach, the company’s Managing Director.

The expert audience at Proflex in Stuttgart will be attended to at the stand by the Doneck Network’s German-speaking sales team. The advanced low-migration ink series for package printing, along with the extended range of solvent-based inks, is set to spark great interest. The technically enhanced automatic “Euromix” dosing system will also be presented.

“We particularly want to thank our customers for their incredible loyalty and encouragement, which was expressed to us in many different ways. It helped us get back on our feet quickly during this difficult situation. This incident has meant that relationships with our customers and their needs, as well as joint dialogue, are the core focus of our actions” concludes Edgar Becker, Managing Director Sales.

We look forward to seeing you at Proflex 2015!

11.02.2014 Capacities expanded for solvent-based packaging inks!

New investment package made for flexographic and gravure printing inksThe Doneck Network can look back on a very successful 2013. The high volume of orders in the water and solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing ink sectors last year saw a constant rise in the Doneck Network‘s market share.

The increased attention from prominent European packaging manufacturers in the solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing ink sectors prompted us to last year implement an extensive investment package to expand capacities and raise safety standards.

"By expanding our production technology, we increased the capacities in this area by a further 5,000 tonnes a year. Starting up a state-of-the-art CO2 extinguisher system allows us to protect solvent ink production and storage in a special way so as to minimise fire risks. The Doneck Network is working on permanently improving safety standards as part of the OHSAS 18001, focusing on occupational safety. Further investments are already in the pipeline!" says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network, explaining the long-term business strategy.

Doneck Euroflex is now the largest medium-sized manufacturer of water and solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing inks in Europe. Under the motto of „Flexographic inks for Europe“, the Luxembourg-based  company has the Doneck Network and four subsidiaries across Europe in England, France, Spain and Hungary.

19.12.2013 The Winner is: MLB Opercula & Doneck Network

For the 2nd time in a row, the Doneck Network has been named among the winners of the French “Prestiges hélio 2013”. The prize for outstanding print products in 2013 was awarded by specialist magazine “Prohèlio – dem Verband zur Förderung des Tiefdrucks” for the 25th time.

The jury, consisting of French students from the graphics industry and European experts from the technical printing industry, joined forces to assess and award prizes to the various pieces of work, which had been submitted as models in various categories.

The Doneck Network scored points for its printing ink used on the top ranking print product, the Baïko poire yoghurt tub, and took out the prize for best label. The print shop responsible for the yoghurt tub was MLB Opercula (France). A total of 14 print products from the intaglio printing industry received awards.

Over 200 guests were invited to the prize-giving ceremony, which was a glittering affair held at the Musèe de l'air et de l'espace du Bourget (aerospace museum at Paris’ Le Bourget airport) in November 2013.

10.10.2013 The start of an unusual partnership: colourful chameleon meets dolphin!

The start of the 2013/2014 season sees the Doneck Network chameleon adorn the jerseys of the Goldmann Dolphins Trier in the German wheelchair basketball league (RBBL).

"We have found an attractive sponsoring partner in the Dolphins, connecting us to one another in more ways than first thought," explains Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network. "Just like the Goldmann Dolphins, we too are able to constantly compete with our bigger, richer rivals. Speed, team spirit and international diversity (3 Canadians, 2 Latvians, 1 American, 1 Brit and 3 German players) ensure that both of us leave the field victorious after a fair trial of strength. We wish the entire Goldmann Dolphins team, and particularly all the fans, a successful season filled with exciting games."

Founded in Trier in September 1977, and based in Grevenmacher for the last 15 years, medium-sized printing ink manufacturer Doneck Euroflex S. A. can look back on a history spanning more than 36 years. The company makes water and solvent-based printing ink for the intaglio and flexo printing sectors of the European printing industry. The Doneck inks can be found in a vast number of everyday products, ranging from paper bags, envelopes, gift wrapping, napkins and corrugated cardboard, to foil wrap and food packaging. An international team currently consisting of 150 staff, works in Grevenmacher (Luxembourg), as well as the European branches in England, France, Spain and Hungary.

The dolphin and colourful Doneck chameleon "Oscar" are breaking new ground, working together to score points and enjoy what is hopefully an exciting and successful season.

29.08.2013 Doneck Network: Flexographic Inks for Europe!

The Doneck Network to attend Proflex 2013 for the third year in a row.The Doneck Network’s international sales team will provide industry specialists in Stuttgart with extensive, detailed information and advice on the printing ink manufacturer’s wide range of products. Apart from the products and market sectors, the stand will also feature the technically advanced “Euromix” dosage system, and visitors will be able to familiarise themselves with functions, options and applications directly on the spot (stand no. 44 and 45). The focal point of the Doneck Network stand will be the annual sporting attraction. This year, guests can test out their accuracy and win vouchers for Doneck Network ink.

Edgar Becker, Managing Director of Sales reports that “the strict requirements and innovations in the food packaging sector have challenged us and demanded a high level of expertise. These technical innovations and competencies are incorporated into our products, for the benefit of our customers. We also continue to concentrate on our key areas of product specialisation and extensive customer service. The Doneck Network has clearly defined plans for the next three years: The customers and their needs are the main focus of our activities, and we are helped in this by the continuous development and expansion of the Doneck Network.”

21.06.2013 Doneck Network: Social/Sport Sponsoring!

Supporting the “Dolphins” wheelchair basketball team in Trier

The Dolphins called for donations as part of the major “Meine Hilfe zählt” campaign in March 2013. And for a great cause: The Dolphins reached the final of the Challenge Cup. But they needed help to cover the high costs of travelling to Badajoz in southern Spain, some 2,000 km away.

We quickly decided to support the Trier Dolphins and this worthy cause – with a cheque for 1,000 Euros. And this was well deserved: The Dolphins returned home with a silver medal, and Dirk Passiwan (4th from left) was named the tournament’s most valuable player! This therefore marks the end of one of the most successful seasons for the Dolphins. We hope they enjoy their break, and wish them all the best for the new season, with many successful and exciting games to come!

23.04.2013 Doneck Network: Social Sponsoring

Supporting for Foyer Pietert in GrevenmacherOn 23 April 2013, we were able to hand over a cheque for 1,000 Euros to the “Foyer Pietert” in Grevenmacher, which houses 18 physically and mentally handicapped people aged 16 to 53 requiring 24/7 care. Half of these people have ended up in their situation as a result of accidents, while the others have been that way since birth. The Foyer Pietert is distinguished by a cosy, informal atmosphere and very close contact between residents and carers. This takes a lot of the burden off family members, as the patients are highly restricted in terms of their activities, and can only participate in public life to a very limited extent. Great emphasis is placed on integrating residents into the Grevenmacher community. It’s all about inclusion here, whether this be at regular events such as concerts and parties, or in normal everyday life.

In view of our corporate social responsibility, we want to support the work of “Foyer Pietert” and Amicale (the sponsor association for Foyer Pietert) through our donation. The idea of social sponsoring came about when Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg paid a visit to our premises in January this year. The Doneck donation will be used to buy an electric motor for the property’s bike, which will make bike rides much easier.


Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie of Luxembourg came to honour the Doneck Network.Several limousines, a police escort and security denoted the major event, as the Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess arrived at the Potaschbierg at 2.30pm on Monday 28 January. Arndt Breitbach (Managing Director) and Tom Theves (First Counsellor of Embassy, Ministry of Finance and Foreign Trade) welcomed the couple, together with a committee consisting of Robert Dennewald (President of Fedil), Nicolas Soisson (Director of Fedil) Edgar Becker (Managing Director Sales) and further members of Doneck Euroflex.

After the reception and company presentation, the entire committee embarked on a guided tour through the factory, with its state-of-the-art, innovative printing ink manufacturing technology. From raw materials to production to the laboratory, the guests were familiarised with all stages of the printing ink production process and its features. The successful royal visit was rounded off with an open discussion session and cocktails.

"We were very pleased about the visit and the interest shown in our company. It was a huge honour for us to welcome the kind, enthusiastic Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess to our company and introduce them to the world of printing inks,” said Arndt Breitbach after the visit.