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Doneck Euroflex S. A. is aware of its social responsibility as a reputable company. We stand up for intergenerational fairness, and gladly get involved in society. We aim to engage in economic activities while minimising impact on the environment, and advocate for ethical business conduct. We follow ISO 26000 when further developing our sustainability programme. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we have reported since December 2013 in a "Letter on Communication" at the UN.

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Social involvement

We’re aware of our social responsibility, and embody this well beyond our staff and their families. Our social involvement seeks to help people forced to create their own prospects from disadvantaged positions. We lend them a hand and support them.

Projects we have been involved in:

January 2021

Donation for the Gréiwemaacher Pompjeen

Doneck already traditionally supports the commitment of the volunteer fire brigade in Grevenmacher with a cheque, to the delight of the members. Jean Kayser reported that this donation will benefit the young fire fighters.


October 2020

Aid for nutrition eating for malnourished children in Chad!

In October – despite the Corona crisis – the medium-sized European printing ink manufacturer signed a new cooperation contract with CARE Luxembourg. Aid now goes to one of the least developed countries in the world, Chad. In Chad, 31.9% of children under 5 years are seriously malnourished and therefore also underdeveloped. CARE will improve this situation for the children in the long term with a generous donation from Doneck.

September 2020

TMS & Friends EAGLE Charity Golf Cup 2020

For the 1st time, the charity tournament organised by Matthias Weyer (TMS) took place at the Saarbrücken Golf Club in Wallerfangen-Gisingen. The proud sum of € 80,324 benefited various aid organisations.

February 2020

Another donation to the Foyer Pietert

The 18 physically and mentally handicapped residents and the team of the Foyer Pietert were delighted at the 5th Doneck donation in spring 2020. The Foyer Pietert was renovated and brought up to the latest standards in 2019. At the handover of the cheque, the manager, Ms Hasenritter, told us that the donation would be put to meaningful use in the area of design therapy for a roller container for musical instruments.

February 2020

Donation for the Gréiwemaacher Pompjeen

Doneck already traditionally supports the dedication of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Grevenmacher with a cheque. Jean Kayser reported that the number of operations had risen considerably in 2019. The Grevenmacher & Mertert Volunteer Fire Brigade currently has 110 active members.

Juni 2019

CARE sponsorship: Together against child trauma

The new concept was developed especially for the Doneck Network.With the future support in the Jordanian refugee camp, traumatised Syrian children and families will receive psychological help and support.As refugees, they suffer from depression, uncertainty, boredom and high levels of stress. To improve this desperate situation and to offer the refugees a good perspective, CARE is offering conversation and mediation. In February 2019 the Doneck employees were able to find out about the refugee camp and the people who live there in the "Dear Syria" exhibition.

Juni 2019

TMS & Friends EAGLE Charity Golf Cup 2019

The benefit tournament for golfers in Ensch an der Mosel was organised this year for the 8th time by Matthias Weyer (TMS). Among others, the following associations benefitted from the considerable sum of €101,450: RSC Rollis Trier e.V., Jugendtreff Trier-Euren e.V., Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Trier e.V., Initiativ Liewensufank a.s.b.l. and other supraregional associations.

May 2019

On the ball together

The Doneck Network and the Doneck Dolphins Trier are extending their name sponsorship deal by a further three years. Doneck has been supporting the team from the first division of the German Wheelchair Basketball League since 2013. The two teams meet up not only in the hall at matches. The preseason photoshoot took place on the Doneck premises in September. During a works tour, the Dolphins team were able to look behind the scenes at the printing ink manufacturer in Grevenmacher.

December 2018

Training mat for the diving kids of the SSV in Trier

The "Airtrack" training mat was right at the top of the kids' wish list. Doneck was able to fulfil this wish together with a supporting family. With the help of this mat the divers can practise diving outside of the water. A total of 15 divers aged from 6 to 15 years belong to the association and train 2 or 3 times a week.

December 2018

Donation for the Gréiwemaacher Pompjeen

Doneck already traditionally supports the dedication of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Grevenmacher with a cheque, to the delight of the members. Jean Kayser reported that in 2018 the team was called into action about 400 times in total (20 – 25 of these events were fires). The Grevenmacher & Mertert Volunteer Fire Brigade has a total of 120 active members.

November 2018

Joy at Foyer Pietert

Once again, this year the residents and team of the Foyer Pietert were delighted to receive a donation from Doneck. The house is currently being renovated and the physically and mentally handicapped residents have temporarily relocated. For that reason, no cheque handover could take place this year.

August 2018

Healthy nutrition for malnourished infants in Niger!

In the third year of cooperation, it has been possible thanks to CARE Luxembourg and Doneck Euroflex to set up 18 "nutrition schools" in 79 project villages in Niger. Here, malnourished children receive medical care and are nursed back to health. Here the mothers learned every day how to prepare nutritious, high-calorie meals for their children with few ingredients and the right dosage. Subsequent house visits by Care showed that the skills learnt were also being applied at home. During a visit to a hospital, medical personal gave their assurance that children whose mothers had visited the "nutrition school" by CARE had not returned to the hospital due to malnutrition.

June 2018

TMS & Friends EAGLE Charity Golf Cup 2018

The benefit tournament organised by Matthias Weyer (TMS) took place in Ensch an der Mosel for the 7th time. The following associations and charities benefitted from the proud sum of €101,000 raised: Trierer Tafel, Trierer Nothilfe, Förderverein Kita Köwerich-Ensch, Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Palais, Foyer Pietert and the Deutsche Kinderrheuma Stiftung Garmisch.

March 2018

Bringing colour to life together with the Dolphins!

"The Doneck Dolphins", our 1st division wheelchair basketball team, ended the 2017/2018 season with a very good result: 3rd place in the table! We are just as the delighted as the Doneck Dolphins about this success! Since the 2015/2016 season, the Doneck Network has supported the team as a name sponsor.

December 2017

Joyful Christmas anticipation in the Foyer Pietert

This year's Doneck donation will be an investment in lifting equipment for hydrotherapy (bath) and will directly benefit the residents. There are currently 18 severely handicapped people living in the Foyer Pietert. They are cared for by dedicated carers and teachers. The facility belongs to the "Fondatioun Kräizbierg“.

December 2017

Gréiwemaacher Pompjeen: "Always ready"

Doneck Euroflex already traditionally supports the commitment of the voluntary fire brigade in Grevenmacher with a donation. 

September 2017

Bringing colour to life together with the dolphins!

The 2017/2018 season will be the most successful one for the Doneck Dolphins Trier. With endless commitment and motivation, the team has rolled its way up onto the upper area of the table of the 1st national wheelchair basketball league. Since the 2015/2016 season, the Doneck Network has supported the team as a name sponsor.

August 2017

Clean drinking water for the babies and healthy nourishment for schoolchildren

The three-year cooperation with CARE Luxembourg a.s.b.l. starts in 2016 with the connection of two maternity hospitals in the North of Niger to the water supply. In a second step, the team from Care in Niger implemented a project for the improvement of the diet of children at primary schools.

July 2017

Sponsoring "Your day for Africa"

On July 1st 2017, two pupils actively “lent a hand” for the second time at Doneck Euroflex instead of going to school. A useful campaign, as the pay for this day went as a donation to "Your day for Africa“ to support African children.

June 2017

6. TMS & Friends EAGLE Charity Golf Cup

Doneck has supported the charity golf tournament with a donation right from the beginning. The organiser Matthias Weyer was able to hand over the highest donation amount so far to (€ 100,000.-) in cheques to the "Dr. Ilse Maria Ehmann Stiftung", “Verein Kinderhilfe Organtransplantation”, "Stiftung Schneekristalle", "Aline-Reimer-Stiftung", "Stiftung Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München", "Vereinigte Hospitien – Ruländer Hof" "Förderverein Kinderpfade Indien e.V.", "L'Association Luxembourgeoise pour le Spina Bifida", "Jugendwerk Don Bosco Trier" and the "Förderverein krebskranker Kinder Trier e.V." 

December 2016

Fun on St. Nicholas Day in the Pietert foyer in Grevenmacher

The donation for the 18 people aged between 20 and 55 with physical and mental handicaps was welcomed by the health care professionals and educators alike. The facility would like to invest in a useful acquisition for the direct benefit of the residents. The bicycle with the motor we donated (2014) is now used far more frequently and for longer distances.

November 2016

Gréiwemaacher Pompjeeen: "Bring on the water"

The voluntary fire brigades of Grevenmacher and Mertert have now joined into one. With the cheque it has handed over, Doneck Euroflex wishes to support this voluntary organisation.

October 2016

1st Participation in "dayCare" – a Care Luxembourg campaign. Four trainees and pupils from the region will be taking a look “over the shoulder” of the Doneck team in the company on 26.10.2016".

September 2016

Oscar meets Jack: Doneck Network sponsors new chameleon!

Doneck is donating the new panther chameleon "Jack" to replace the stolen one "Freddy" in the Grevenmacher butterfly garden. So another attraction has now moved into the terrarium.

June 2016

TMS & Friends EAGLE Charity Golf Cup

As in previous years, Doneck is again supporting the Charity Golf Tournament with a donation. The organiser Matthias Weyer was able top hand over the highest donation amount (€ 72,295.-) in the form of cheques to the “Lion Heart Foundation”, “Sven hilft e.V.”, “Treffpunkt am Weidengraben” and the “Demenz-Zentrum Trier”.

May 2016

Sponsoring "Your day for Africa"

On May 28th 2016, two pupils actively “lent a hand” at Doneck Euroflex instead of going to school. The pay for this day goes as a donation to educational projects in five African countries - Burundi, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and the Ivory Coast - and will be used for adolescents of the same age.

More information available at:

March 2016

Our wheelchair basketball team, the "Doneck Dolphins", close the 2015/2016 season with an excellent 4th place. The name sponsor is extremely proud of this success in the 1st national wheelchair league!

July 2015

Together with the Dolphins we bring colour into your life!

The Doneck Network is the new title sponsor of the Doneck Dolphins Trier for the 2015 to 2020 season. We have enhanced the partnership, which began as a shirt sponsor two years ago. We hereby support a successful, regional team in the first wheelchair basketball league.

Read more about the Doneck Dolphins Trier

June 2015

TMS & Friends EAGLE Charity Golf Cup

Just like we did  last year we donate to this year's charity golf tournament. The organizer Matthias Weyer will be presenting cheques to Tafel Trier, Hospiz Trier e.V., Beschützerinstinkte e.V. and autisme a.s.b.l. Luxembourg.

February 2015

Cheque as a "thank you" for rescue service

The "Gréiwemaacher Pompjeeën" was pleased to receive a donation in return for their actions on 06 August 2014. This will be invested in the development of volunteer fire departments in the eastern region of Luxembourg and benefits many defences in the region. Through their exemplary work it has been possible to avoid major damage.

June 2014

TMS & Friends EAGLE Charity Golf Cup

Record donations at this year’s golf tournament: Thanks to generous donations, the managers were able to present cheques to the Deutsche Kinderrheuma Stiftung (foundation for paediatric rheumatism), Auryn Trier (an organisation helping children with parents affected by mental illness), Mobile Spielaktion Konz (mobile campaign promoting creativity for children) and the Jugendwerk Don Bosco Trier (youth welfare establishment).

March 2014

Huge pleasure for the young dolphins.

For the first time ever, the Dolphins’ youth teams were able to roll out onto the court in professional jerseys. Sponsored by the Doneck Network, the two-tone reversible jerseys were a big surprise to everyone. They will be worn at all the young athletes’ games and practice sessions, and are sure to attract a lot of attention.

October 2013

Doneck becomes the jersey sponsor of the Goldmann Dolphins Trier

Trier’s wheelchair basketballers were faced with a difficult situation before the start of the national league season: the jersey sponsor who had been signed well in advance bailed out at short notice, creating a large hole in the very tight budget. We helped the club, and will be supporting the successful wheelchair basketballers as a jersey sponsor starting from the 2013/2014 season in what will be an extraordinary partnership.

April 2013

Supporting the Foyer Pietert in Grevenmacher

Foyer Pietert is home to people aged 16-53 with physical and mental disabilities requiring 24/7 care. Half of them are there as a result of accidents, while the other half have been living with a disability since birth. Foyer Pietert is distinguished by its homely atmosphere and very close contact between residents and nursing staff. Our donation helped convert the in-house bicycle into an e-bike, making bike rides in the surrounding area easier.