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April 2015

Doneck Euroflex the first printing ink manufacturer to be certified for food safety according to ISO 22000!

The medium-sized printing ink specialist for high-quality water-based and solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing obtained DIN EN ISO 22000 certification in February 2015.

Doneck Euroflex the first printing ink manufacturer to be certified for food safety according to ISO 22000!

Ensuring safe, hygienically flawless food for consumers is the top objective of HACCP. A HACCP plan includes risk analyses to identify and prevent chemical, physical or biological contamination. In order to comply with these requirements, Doneck Euroflex put all its business processes to the test, optimised them where necessary, and introduced systematic control points. This has been formalised in an ISO 22000-compliant hygiene management system and assessed by an accredited certification centre.

As a manufacturer of printing inks for of packaging, the Doneck Network feels particularly responsible for strengthening consumer safety in relation to food packaging.

“We are proud to be the first printing ink manufacturer to be certified under ISO 22000. Product safety is a key focus of our company policy!” says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of Doneck Network.

February 2015

Proflex 2015: Welcome to Doneck World!

The medium-sized specialist in high-quality water and solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing inks had an eventful 2014, and will be attending Proflex 2015 high in confidence.

We look forward to seeing you at Proflex 2015!

As has been the case over the last three years, the Doneck Network team is once again looking forward to attending Proflex: “After what was a very turbulent year for us, we are optimistic about being able to overcome the challenges ahead and take advantage of our opportunities. The fire at our solvent-based ink factory on 6 August 2014 was definitely a huge shock for all of us initially. But during this difficult time, the Doneck Network team proved it was able to competently and reliably implement its contingency plan when required. With this knowledge and the experience gained, we are approaching the New Year with optimism,” reports Arndt Breitbach, the company’s Managing Director.
The expert audience at Proflex in Stuttgart will be attended to at the stand by the Doneck Network’s German-speaking sales team. The advanced low-migration ink series for package printing, along with the extended range of solvent-based inks, is set to spark great interest. The technically enhanced automatic “Euromix” dosing system will also be presented.
“We particularly want to thank our customers for their incredible loyalty and encouragement, which was expressed to us in many different ways. It helped us get back on our feet quickly during this difficult situation. This incident has meant that relationships with our customers and their needs, as well as joint dialogue, are the core focus of our actions” concludes Edgar Becker, Managing Director Sales.

We look forward to seeing you at Proflex 2015!

February 2014

Capacities expanded for solvent-based packaging inks!

New investment package made for flexographic and gravure printing inks

State−of−the−art, computerised system technology for the highest quality standards Photo: Doneck Network, February 2014

State-of-the-art, computerised system technology for the highest quality standards (Photo: Doneck Network, February 2014)

The Doneck Network can look back on a very successful 2013. The high volume of orders in the water and solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing ink sectors last year saw a constant rise in the Doneck Network‘s market share.

The increased attention from prominent European packaging manufacturers in the solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing ink sectors prompted us to last year implement an extensive investment package to expand capacities and raise safety standards.

"By expanding our production technology, we increased the capacities in this area by a further 5,000 tonnes a year. Starting up a state-of-the-art CO2 extinguisher system allows us to protect solvent ink production and storage in a special way so as to minimise fire risks. The Doneck Network is working on permanently improving safety standards as part of the OHSAS 18001, focusing on occupational safety. Further investments are already in the pipeline!" says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network, explaining the long-term business strategy.

Doneck Euroflex is now the largest medium-sized manufacturer of water and solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing inks in Europe. Under the motto of „Flexographic inks for Europe“, the Luxembourg-based company has the Doneck Network and four subsidiaries across Europe in England, France, Spain and Hungary.

December 2013

The Winner is: MLB Opercula & Doneck Network

For the 2nd time in a row, the Doneck Network has been named among the winners of the French “Prestiges hélio 2013”. The prize for outstanding print products in 2013 was awarded by specialist magazine “Prohèlio – dem Verband zur Förderung des Tiefdrucks” for the 25th time.

Award−winning yoghurt lid printed using the Doneck Network‘s printing ink.

Award-winning yoghurt lid printed using the Doneck Network's printing ink.

The jury, consisting of French students from the graphics industry and European experts from the technical printing industry, joined forces to assess and award prizes to the various pieces of work, which had been submitted as models in various categories.

The Doneck Network scored points for its printing ink used on the top ranking print product, the Baïko poire yoghurt tub, and took out the prize for best label. The print shop responsible for the yoghurt tub was MLB Opercula (France). A total of 14 print products from the intaglio printing industry received awards.

Over 200 guests were invited to the prize-giving ceremony, which was a glittering affair held at the Musèe de l'air et de l'espace du Bourget (aerospace museum at Paris’ Le Bourget airport) in November 2013.

October 2013

The start of an unusual partnership: colourful chameleon meets dolphin!

The start of the 2013/2014 season sees the Doneck Network chameleon adorn the jerseys of the Goldmann Dolphins Trier in the German wheelchair basketball league (RBBL).

Das Team der Trierer Delphins in der Saison 2013⁄2014

"We have found an attractive sponsoring partner in the Dolphins, connecting us to one another in more ways than first thought," explains Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network. "Just like the Goldmann Dolphins, we too are able to constantly compete with our bigger, richer rivals. Speed, team spirit and international diversity (3 Canadians, 2 Latvians, 1 American, 1 Brit and 3 German players) ensure that both of us leave the field victorious after a fair trial of strength. We wish the entire Goldmann Dolphins team, and particularly all the fans, a successful season filled with exciting games."

Founded in Trier in September 1977, and based in Grevenmacher for the last 15 years, medium-sized printing ink manufacturer Doneck Euroflex S. A. can look back on a history spanning more than 36 years. The company makes water and solvent-based printing ink for the intaglio and flexo printing sectors of the European printing industry. The Doneck inks can be found in a vast number of everyday products, ranging from paper bags, envelopes, gift wrapping, napkins and corrugated cardboard, to foil wrap and food packaging. An international team currently consisting of 150 staff, works in Grevenmacher (Luxembourg), as well as the European branches in England, France, Spain and Hungary.

The dolphin and colourful Doneck chameleon "Oscar" are breaking new ground, working together to score points and enjoy what is hopefully an exciting and successful season.

August 2013

Doneck Network: Flexographic Inks for Europe!

The Doneck Network to attend Proflex 2013 for the third year in a row.

The Doneck Network to attend Proflex 2013 for the third year in a row.

The Doneck Network’s international sales team will provide industry specialists in Stuttgart with extensive, detailed information and advice on the printing ink manufacturer’s wide range of products. Apart from the products and market sectors, the stand will also feature the technically advanced “Euromix” dosage system, and visitors will be able to familiarise themselves with functions, options and applications directly on the spot (stand no. 44 and 45). The focal point of the Doneck Network stand will be the annual sporting attraction. This year, guests can test out their accuracy and win vouchers for Doneck Network ink.

Edgar Becker, Managing Director of Sales reports that “the strict requirements and innovations in the food packaging sector have challenged us and demanded a high level of expertise. These technical innovations and competencies are incorporated into our products, for the benefit of our customers. We also continue to concentrate on our key areas of product specialisation and extensive customer service. The Doneck Network has clearly defined plans for the next three years: The customers and their needs are the main focus of our activities, and we are helped in this by the continuous development and expansion of the Doneck Network.”

June 2013

Doneck Network: Social/Sport Sponsoring!

Supporting the “Dolphins” wheelchair basketball team in Trier

Photo: The Trier Dolphins at the Challenge Cup in Badajoz, Spain ⟨Photo: Frank Hofmann⟩

The Trier Dolphins at the Challenge Cup in Badajoz, Spain (Photo: Frank Hofmann)

The Dolphins called for donations as part of the major “Meine Hilfe zählt” campaign in March 2013. And for a great cause: The Dolphins reached the final of the Challenge Cup. But they needed help to cover the high costs of travelling to Badajoz in southern Spain, some 2,000 km away.

We quickly decided to support the Trier Dolphins and this worthy cause – with a cheque for 1,000 Euros. And this was well deserved: The Dolphins returned home with a silver medal, and Dirk Passiwan (4th from left) was named the tournament’s most valuable player! This therefore marks the end of one of the most successful seasons for the Dolphins. We hope they enjoy their break, and wish them all the best for the new season, with many successful and exciting games to come!

April 2013

Doneck Network: Social Sponsoring

Supporting for Foyer Pietert in Grevenmacher

Martina Hasenritter ⟨Leiterin Foyer Pietert, Fondation Kraizbierg⟩, Muschi Silbereisen  	⟨Vorsitzende der Amicale Foyer Pietert⟩, Arndt Breitbach ⟨Managing Director Doneck Euroflex S.A.⟩ und Rita Knippel ⟨PR–Managerin, Doneck Euroflex S.A.⟩

Photo: Martina Hasenritter (Leiterin Foyer Pietert, Fondation Kraizbierg), Muschi Silbereisen (Vorsitzende der Amicale Foyer Pietert), Arndt Breitbach (Managing Director Doneck Euroflex S.A.) und Rita Knippel (PR-Managerin, Doneck Euroflex S.A.)

On 23 April 2013, we were able to hand over a cheque for 1,000 Euros to the “Foyer Pietert” in Grevenmacher, which houses 18 physically and mentally handicapped people aged 16 to 53 requiring 24/7 care. Half of these people have ended up in their situation as a result of accidents, while the others have been that way since birth. The Foyer Pietert is distinguished by a cosy, informal atmosphere and very close contact between residents and carers. This takes a lot of the burden off family members, as the patients are highly restricted in terms of their activities, and can only participate in public life to a very limited extent. Great emphasis is placed on integrating residents into the Grevenmacher community. It’s all about inclusion here, whether this be at regular events such as concerts and parties, or in normal everyday life.

In view of our corporate social responsibility, we want to support the work of “Foyer Pietert” and Amicale (the sponsor association for Foyer Pietert) through our donation. The idea of social sponsoring came about when Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg paid a visit to our premises in January this year. The Doneck donation will be used to buy an electric motor for the property’s bike, which will make bike rides much easier.

January 2013

Royal visit to Doneck Euroflex

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie of Luxembourg came to honour the Doneck Network.

Royal visit to Doneck Euroflex

Several limousines, a police escort and security denoted the major event, as the Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess arrived at the Potaschbierg at 2.30pm on Monday 28 January. Arndt Breitbach (Managing Director) and Tom Theves (First Counsellor of Embassy, Ministry of Finance and Foreign Trade) welcomed the couple, together with a committee consisting of Robert Dennewald (President of Fedil), Nicolas Soisson (Director of Fedil) Edgar Becker (Managing Director Sales) and further members of Doneck Euroflex.

After the reception and company presentation, the entire committee embarked on a guided tour through the factory, with its state-of-the-art, innovative printing ink manufacturing technology. From raw materials to production to the laboratory, the guests were familiarised with all stages of the printing ink production process and its features. The successful royal visit was rounded off with an open discussion session and cocktails.

"We were very pleased about the visit and the interest shown in our company. It was a huge honour for us to welcome the kind, enthusiastic Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess to our company and introduce them to the world of printing inks,” said Arndt Breitbach after the visit.

Dezember 2012

The Doneck Network is growing!

The Doneck Network is growing!

Successful positioning in further market sectors.

The new DAF XF truck will see the Doneck Network combine the transportation of water-based and solvent-based flexographic and gravure ink, as well as the transportation of empties, on Europe’s roads. This vehicle investment makes it possible to supply our customers flexibly and on time.

We have had a very strong 2012. Over the last few months, many new business partners, particularly in the market sectors of corrugated board printing and napkin manufacturing, have been impressed by the quality and flexible service offered by the Doneck Network.

"We’re preparing for an ongoing positive market response through our investment programme, which is already being implemented, and which involves extensive expansions in production and storage capacities. The company’s fleet has also been expanded”, reports Managing Director, Arndt Breitbach.

On behalf of all our staff, we would like to thank our long-time customers and new customers for the excellent partnership in 2012. This company development could only have been possible with the help of our loyal customers!

April 2012

drupa 2012: first time for Doneck Network!

The European ink manufacturer of flexographic and gravure inks to exhibit at international trade show

European, medium-sized, innovative and flexible, this is how we will present ourselves for the first time at drupa 2012 in Düsseldorf. Booth E62 in Hall 11 is dedicated to the company motto: “We love ink”. We will participate as exhibitors alongside TMT International and Sihl Direct GmbH on a joint stand.

“With our debut at drupa we would like to come one step closer to a global audience whilst increasing our visibility and international presence”, commented Edgar Becker, Managing Director for Sales.

We would like to present our high quality and advanced printing inks for different market segments (such as flexible packaging, corrugated board, envelopes, paper packaging, napkins and hygiene products) and our innovative, customised and comprehensive service package for the printing industry. Thanks to our European network we offer unrivalled flexibility, speed and customer focus.

„drupa 2012 has approximately 2,000 international exhibitors and over 400,000 visitors - a large, international framework for the exchange of experience and ideas with suppliers and customers. We look forward to making new contacts and hearing new concepts”, stated Managing Director and company owner Arndt Breitbach on their participation.

January 2012

Flexo printing inks for corrugated board!

Our complete product and service package for the corrugated board industry.

© Doneck Euroflex

“In recent years we have collaborated increasingly with the corrugated industry and are now well respected references for our business partners. The market has rewarded our approach of quality, service and exceptional flexibility”, Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director, is optimistic about the future. We have dedicated great resources to fulfill the technical and quality requirements of the corrugated board post-print industry: “Today it is possible to achieve the respective machine specific colour formulations with highly concentrated pigment concentrates, EURO-BASE, in combination with different EURO-BOARD technical varnishes, while holding a surprisingly small amount of components on stock. For the various machines, like for example those from Bobst, Göpfert and Cuir, we have the corresponding technical solutions for printing onto Kraft liner and Test liner on the one hand and on the other also for more demanding applications such as process work on coated substrates. The entire manufacturing spectrum (inline, die-cutting and offline) is covered!”, reports Edgar Becker, Managing Director for Technical Sales. “Naturally, the ink range is complimented by a practice proven range of overprint varnishes with special gloss, matt and barrier properties.

The economic benefits of the EURO-BASE pigment concentrates become apparent when working with our in-house developed automatic dispensing system EUROMIX. This allows optimum ink management and is especially cost effective. Up to 24 components can be attached to the EUROMIX. We enter new colour formulations are remotely by via an internet connection directly into the customer database. It could not be easier or faster!

As a medium sized manufacturer of printing inks we are extremely flexible with delivery times and offers a comprehensive technical support by highly qualified professionals via its service package INKtelligence. The DONECK Team offers expert employee training, assistance at print trials and pass-offs, and the introduction of efficient cost saving ink returns management systems.

October 2011

ProFlex 2011: Welcome to Doneck World

Sucessful premiere at ProFlex in Stuttgart. The european Doneck Network exhibited for the first time to the trade audience at ProFlex 2011.

The exhibition team of Doneck Euroflex

The exhibition team of Doneck Euroflex

At this year's ProFlex, for the flexographic printing industry, the red carpet was quite literally rolled out. The audience was greeted with "We love ink!" from the colour-crazy printing ink manufacturers from Luxembourg. An enthusiastic commotion around the "throw for ink" game attracted the attention of the fair's visitors. At the "Doneck Ink Competition" sports enthusiasts had three chances to hit the bucket and win a number of prizes all the way up to actual buckets of flexo printing ink.

Special interest was reserved for the exhibit of the automatic ink dispenser, EUROMIX, which in addition to the excellent processing of inks also includes an extensive Colour Management software package.

"The scope of the exhibition and associated conference allowed us to not only present the Doneck Network, but also assess the current information requirements of customers and trade partners in the field of flexo print and set a new impetus" said Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director.

Edgar Becker, Managing Director of Sales and also responsible for the marketing of the product portfolio, showed great satisfaction at having participated at ProFlex 2011: "We made numerous contacts and achieved our target of increasing the level of awareness of the Doneck Network. We are already looking forward to ProFlex 2012."

Around 80 international exhibitors and approximately 750 visitors attended ProFlex 2011 where they could learn about the complex issues and trends associated with flexographic printing.

June 2011

Doneck Euroflex UK is the new, royal member of the Doneck Network

We can now serve the UK market even better with our new and strategically located site in Milton Keynes, north of London, just off the M1. We are able to offer our highest standard of customer service including delivery within 24 hours, possibly even on the same day. Customer focused orientation and flexibility are the guiding principles for serving the requirements of the UK market, with the second largest printing industry and third largest gross domestic product (GDP) in Europe.

Under the leadership of our Business Director Mark Jones, we offer our trademark high quality water and solvent based flexo and gravure ink products to the UK. New production and laboratory facilities offer great flexibility and excellent customer service within the UK, allowing for even faster response time. Doneck Euroflex UK approaches the UK printing industry with an experienced and growing team.

"This is another milestone for Doneck in building our European Network. This step is a result of our very successful development and will account for the future plans of our company" said Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network.

April 2011

A climate-neutral future in colour!

Doneck Euroflex offers a new CO2 balance service to its customers for all Doneck Euroflex printing inks!

Together with the climate change consultants Climate Partners we have identified and analyzed our unavoidable emissions of CO2 (CO2 is the greenhouse gas, Carbon Dioxide). The investigation involved a full Carbon Footprint being created. Our customers can learn from now on exactly how much CO2 has been emitted to create a particular ink. Starting with the pigments, raw materials, through production to delivery everything has been taken into account. This applies to all of our Flexo and Gravure inks.

Since a printing ink can not be produced entirely free of emissions, the calculated CO2 can be compensated by the respective companies (printers) through the purchase of emission credits. This neutralises the negative effect on the climate balance - and is termed a "carbon neutral" process. Our main goal is to make the production process "carbon neutral". In Germany a study claims that the emission of CO2 per head is around 10 t per year (Source: "Environmental Cheat Sheet", German Paper Sales GmbH, Augsburg, 2011).

Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network: "Climate neutral printing will play an increasingly important role in the future of the printing industry. With a CO2 footprint we offer our customers transparency in terms of CO2 emissions for our specific inks. This is our active contribution towards environmental protection. In addition to this we have also converted to a CO2 neutral power generation system in a further effort to reduce the greenhouse effect."

January 2011

Integrated Management System at Doneck Euroflex!

We start the New Year with an Integrated Management System certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001!

A big step towards a successful future: We have successfully completed the audits required to achieve certification according to the norms ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management). These complement the existing Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 which has been in place since the year 2000 and continually improved and expanded ever since. This shows the commitment and importance placed by Doneck Euroflex on its impact on the environment and the health & safety of its employees and products. The auditors of TÜV SAAR CERT determined that all requirements had been fulfilled by the company and its team. They also praised the exemplary commitment shown throughout the organisation.For Doneck Euroflex S.A. this is another milestone in its ongoing efforts to improve customer satisfaction, quality and environmental awareness.
Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network said: "These three management systems are recognised throughout Europe. It gives our European customers the security that both our company and our products (flexo and gravure inks) meet the stringent requirements of ensuring quality, safety and environmental protection."

October 2010

Olé: Doneck Ibérica S.L.U. is the newest member of the Doneck Network

We are now present under the Spanish sun: the subsidiary Doneck IbŽrica SLU manufactures solvent and water based flexographic and gravure inks in Southern Europe.

Production at Doneck IbŽrica S.L.U. based in Viladecans near Barcelona (Spain) begins in October 2010. The team headed by Business Director Roger Martinez will offer direct ink supply to the Spanish market as well as on-site support and technical advice. Doneck IbŽrica SLU covers the diverse market segments of flexographic and gravure printing (such as flexible packaging, corrugated board, envelopes, paper packaging, napkins and hygiene products).

ãAfter our engagement in Hungary with the establishment of the joint venture Doneck Pronat Kft in Budapest, we are now able to expand and cement our position in the West of Europe and offer our customers on the Iberian Peninsula an improved serviceÒ, said Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network.

September 2010

Hungarian Marriage:
Doneck Euroflex S.A. and JKM Pronat Kft. form joint venture

Doneck Pronat Kft. has joined the Doneck Network

In cooperation with JKM Pronat Kft., based in Budapest (Hungary), we have formed the joint venture Doneck Pronat Kft. for the manufacture and distribution of flexographic and gravure printing inks in Central Europe. The location in the Hungarian capital Budapest allows the Doneck Network to offer even more customer focus. "More and more customers have chosen in recent years to work with the Doneck Network. This step is the consequence of our growing market success in the region!" reported Mr. Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director of the Doneck Network.

In JKM Pronat, a partner has been found who has qualified and experienced staff, is also very customer oriented and flexible to market needs. In this respect, both companies’ philosophies compliment each other perfectly. Both partners have a quality management system certified according to EN ISO 9001.

Doneck Pronat inks for both flexo and gravure printing guarantee problem free processing and perform superbly on the machine. There are a wide range of suitable inks available for different applications and end products, such as flexible packaging, corrugated board, envelopes, paper packaging, napkins and hygiene products.

More information about the Hungarian printing ink manufacturer can be found at:

May 2010

We know ink
Doneck Euroflex and Sony find common cause: Green!

Sony Certificate of Green Partner

Click to enlarge

Environmental protection is a central aspect of global players in consumer electronics. Sony has specialised in the market with environmentally acceptable products. In 2003 the company established its environmental and quality assurance program “Green Partner” to be able to certify that its suppliers satisfy clearly defined environmental quality criteria. Only companies who utilise parts, components and materials that are not critical to the environment have a chance to be a supplier to Sony.

Doneck Euroflex has successfully met these stringent requirements and was awarded with the “Green Partner” certificate by Sony in May 2010. Doneck Euroflex passed all quality tests to achieve certification and is now recognised as a “Green Partner”.

Doneck meets all requirements of the supply chain for a supplier. Internal processes are controlled and regulated according to technical standards. This means that the entire production process is monitored from raw material to finished product. Doneck has also committed to assess its own suppliers.